Florida pair looking at possible package deal

Nebraska has done it before by going out and getting teammates or friends to come to Nebraska. Last year Nebraska nabbed three players from Butler County (Kan.) and this year they got two friends to commit at the same time, Josh Freeman and Menelik Holt. Could Nebraska nab another pair?

Travius Thompson and Herb Bynes both hail from Lauderdale Lakes (Flor.) Boyd H. Anderson and are a dynamic duo on the field. They might have been a victim of the elements this year and the wet fall that much of Florida received.

"I had 38 catches for 520 yards and five touchdowns. We were 6-4," Thompson said. "There were a lot of rainy games. A lot of rainy conditions."

"We were talented. We got into the playoffs, but lost," Bynes said. "I played quarterback all year. I ended up with 1175 yards, five touchdowns, 255 yards rushing and three touchdowns."

Herb hasn't decided if he will be playing basketball this year or not, but Travius will be on the track later this spring. He is going to have some opportunities before then though to play some more football and then he will enter track conditioning.

"I am going to run track after the all-stars games. I will be entering the conditioning after the games. I am going to run the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay."

"I really don't know if I am going to be selected for the Cali-Florida game. I decided to not go to the Broward County North-South game. The game that I am playing in for sure is the Dade County - Broward County game."

Some teams are taking a look at Bynes at playing some different positions. There is at least one team that are looking at him and his teammate, Thompson, to come to their school together. "Not all of the schools are looking at me to come in as an athlete; most schools like me as a quarterback. Nebraska offered me and my receiver, Travius Thompson, as a package deal. We are going to go visit them next month."

Herb is looking at taking a couple of official visits during the first few weekends of December. "I haven't taken any officials yet. I am going to go to Nebraska and then UCF the following weekend. In January I will do the rest of them."

Thompson has a similar schedule, but needs to take an academic test first. "No I am taking the ACT on December 3. After that I am going to take some officials. I will probably go visit Arizona State, Tennessee, Florida, Miami, and Nebraska. Herb Bynes and I are talking about visiting Nebraska. I still haven't talked to Coach Gilmore yet. That would be right behind Arizona State."

"The SAT is December 3, Arizona State is on December 10, and Nebraska is December 17."

Bynes has narrowed things down by half or so. He is looking at a top five right now. "I am up to about 10 offers or so. 10 or 11. I can't remember. My leaders are Louisville, Middle Tennessee State, Nebraska, Bowling Green, and Central Florida."

When it comes to picking out a school for Thompson it is going to be a difficult decision, but he knows what he is looking for. More than anything he wants to know that he can get to a school, work hard and get on the field.

"I am looking for a pro-style offense, the coaching staff has to have some stability, I want to definitely be coached by the same coaches for four years, and I want to go somewhere that they are known for football with a rich tradition. Distance isn't a big thing. It's anywhere where I can go and make an impact. I am not a big fan of staying home or going away. Any school that I take a visit to and they fit my needs and I see an opportunity that I can go and work and become a starter will be the place that I go."

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