Another at North holding Nebraska offer

Nebraska has a good in-state crop of talent coming up for 2007. Nebraska has already extended offers to two Omaha (Nebr.) North products, Niles Paul and Phillip Bates. Both had great seasons this past year and both have ties to Nebraska. Can Nebraska get Phillip Bates, Jr. to follow in his father's footsteps to Lincoln?

Phillip Bates is a very impressive prospect. The 6-foot-2 and 190 pound quarterback from Omaha (Nebr.) North runs a 4.4 and had a great junior year on the field. The season did not end the way that he wanted it too, but his year statistically was very impressive.

"It went real good," Bates said. "Real, real good. I had 2000 total yards between rushing and throwing. I had 22 total touchdowns. I only threw five picks. I want to say I had a 52% completion percentage. I did alright."

"We do more roll-out, roll-out and run, and give me the option to run the ball. I am just dropping back sometimes. The best thing I do is drop-back. On the roll-outs I am O.K., but the best thing that I do is when I drop back and hit that five-step drop."

When it comes to breaking down Bates playing quarterback he would say that his vision and arm strength are his two biggest strengths. "It's my vision and arm-strength. I still need to get some of my accuracy down, but I am still very good. I can throw the ball 66 yards or so. That is what I tested out in at Lincoln."

Bates is sitting on one offer already despite only being a junior. It's what position that the offer is for though that needs to be clarified. Bates wanted it to be clear because some are touting him as a safety, wide receiver or just as a flat athlete. He has been told by Nebraska and every other school what position his is projected to play.

"I already have an offer from Nebraska. They are recruiting me to play quarterback. I don't know how it got to be athlete, but Coach Downing told me that I will be playing quarterback if I decide to come (to Nebraska). Everyone else that is recruiting me is recruiting me as a quarterback too."

Bates has some pretty good ties to Nebraska through his bloodlines. He may be a quarterback, but two of his relatives have played for Nebraska at different positions on offense.

"Oh yeah, my dad used to play for Nebraska as a fullback. It was just always that we went to the games and stuff like that. My dad is Phillip Bates, Sr. He played for three or four years with Detroit and Kansas City in the NFL. Coach Clinton Childs is my cousin. He of course played at Nebraska."

Bates has done a good job of getting himself in front of the Nebraska coaches and getting his abilities looked at. While he was in Lincoln this past summer he really opened some eyes with one of the tests that he did.

"I camped at Nebraska this past summer. When I got down there they measured my hands. They said that I have some pretty big hands. They were laughing. I don't know what they measured at, but I think that I have bigger hands than anyone else on the roster. Palming a basketball is not a big deal."

While a future of playing college football in Lincoln could ultimately be in the cards for Bates a decision about committing won't happen anytime soon. He is looking around right now and is also getting some pretty serious attention from some other schools.

"I have thought about it, but I am just looking around right now. I am just looking around and I am in no hurry to make a decision. I am just a junior."

"I am also looking at Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa, Iowa State, Wyoming, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Nebraska is still my only offer. It's early. I get a lot of mail though."

This summer Bates will be making an effort to get out and show off his abilities. He will be attending at least two camps, but after that he isn't quite sure.

"I am going to hit a lot of camps. I will do the Nike camp and probably the Adidas camp. I may go down to Iowa and Arizona State. My dad is in Arizona."

This winter will be open for Bates to get some work in for the upcoming track season and to continue to work on his footwork for football. Bates will be running all of the sprints while Paul will be doing all of the hurdle events. "I did play basketball, but I am just going to run track. I am going to work on my footwork and get ready for next year. I am going to run the 100m, 200m, and the 400m. Niles is running the hurdles."

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