Husker victory has commit ready for future

How would you like this to be you: You are a Colorado native, recruited by the Colorado Buffaloes, but you commit to Nebraska, their most hated rival and you are in the stands at Folsom Field, watching your Huskers take on your in-state school. You think there's a conflict there? Think again. For Seth Jensen, what happened in this game was better than he could have ever hoped.

When Fort Morgan, Colorado prep-standout Seth Jensen committed to Nebraska, you can imagine that Colorado fans bristled. Didn't matter to Jensen, of course, because he didn't commit to a fan base, he committed to a school.

This last Friday that school came to his state to take on the team many probably expected him to be a part of once he graduated from high school. If that wasn't salt in the open wound of ‘Buff fans, the outcome of the game certainly was.

Not to Jensen, though.

"It was the highlight of the season," Jensen said of Nebraska's 30-3 pummeling of the Colorado Buffaloes at Folsom Field. "It was the best I've seen them play all year."

It was the best he saw, but it was the best everyone else had seen as well. Nebraska, a team struggling on offense, collapsing late in the season on defense – it wasn't going to be a surprise when Colorado, a 15 point favorite over the big red, would beat Nebraska soundly, heading back to Houston for the Big 12 title game.

Jensen said that he wasn't certain of a Colorado victory, but he didn't know if the Huskers could go into Folsom Field and win. "I wouldn't say that I had any doubts they couldn't win, but Colorado had been on top all season and Nebraska was having problems at times," Seth said. "I thought Nebraska had a shot at beating them, but nothing like what actually happened."

Jensen thought like many, especially after Colorado's first place from scrimmage, a 40-plus yard scamper by Buffalo running back Hugh Charles. Jensen said that he didn't get down, but at that point he thought this was going to be a war. "When he made that run, I was like ‘ok, Colorado is taking it to us, so this one could come down to the end."

"After Nebraska's first touchdown, though, I knew we had it and we just picked them apart the whole game."

As Jensen watched from the stands, he said that throughout the game as Nebraska continued to pile on the ‘Buffs, he was getting and sending messages to another prep standout that was in the stadium as well.

Husker commit, tight end Michael McNeil was on an official visit to see the game as a favor to teammate and current Oklahoma commit Jeremy Maclin. As Nebraska moved the ball and continued to move it throughout the entire game, both McNeil and Jensen were having a fun back and forth on their cell phones. "We were text messaging each other the whole game," Jensen said. "I know he was really enjoying it."

Jensen wasn't having a bad time either, especially since the section he was sitting was occupied by nothing but Husker fans. Well, almost nothing but. "There were like five Colorado fans in this section of nothing but Husker fans and they were talking about how Colorado was going to beat Nebraska and we just kept saying ‘scoreboard, scoreboard'," he said. "At halftime they were just saying ‘second half, second half', but the game got going in the second half and pretty soon they got up and left."

"That was probably the most fun I have ever had at a game in my life."

Those fans left, but there were plenty of Colorado fans that stayed up until the end of the game. Ok, not all as some were actually ejected, the police having to physically remove a generous amount of students from two entire sections of the stadium, following a barrage of projectiles flung onto the field as the Colorado game wasn't over, but the conclusion was assured.

Jensen could have piled on that particular incident, but more than anything he felt bad for the vast majority of Colorado fans there that weren't infantile and especially head coach Gary Barnett. "I felt bad for him, because what can he do when the fans do something like that," Jensen said. "It was disgusting and it's sad, because that's just a few stupid fans, but it was on national TV and now everyone thinks all Colorado fans are like that."

"Colorado has some great fans, but when something like this happens, it doesn't look good."

Being an in-state kid, you can understand his sympathy for that, having been to enough Colorado camps, that Folsom Field is probably another home away from home. It didn't lessen that happiness, however, of having his future team come to Folsom and go out with not just a victory, but something he knows he'll find even more valuable for the future.


"They played so well and they have so many young guys contributing right now," Jensen said. "They have two really young tackles, Harrison Beck has done good in a couple of games, Marlon Lucky and Cody Glenn have both played outstanding. I feel really good about the future of the program, but I know it's going to take some time."

Jensen knows it as do seemingly all the recruits and commits we have talked to over the months. The discontent in Husker land that has been pervasive over the season hasn't been shared by Jensen and his fellow commits. For Seth, it's a matter of time and the fact that he doesn't believe this staff has had nearly enough to be criticized as much as they have.

"I know that with Nebraska's tradition, fans are going to want perfection from the beginning," he said. "If they can be just a little more patient, they will see what I think others see that haven't followed the team their whole life."

"They are getting better. People have to see that and this is just year two. Think of it in year three, four and beyond. You have to be optimistic about the future."

Seth is looking at the future and he's excited to say the least. He sees the nation's best team in regard to sacks and tackles for loss and he envisions himself as one of those tackling a quarterback for a loss. But he also sees the future schedule and he's already earmarked at least one game that he's hoping he'll be part of when it arrives.


Not many teams want any part of Texas right now. Unfortunately for the Buffaloes, the north division title they received when Iowa State loss to Kansas, ensures them a second round of the Horns, having the near 30 point beating they took from Texas earlier in the year to use as "optimism" for a different outcome.

Texas' unquestioned star, Vince Young, is one of the biggest reasons every team out there that has faced UT is now singing the blues. Ironically enough, it's Young that Jensen would love to face. "You bet I want to face him," Jensen said. "I want to be able to say I went against one of the greats."

Seth isn't guaranteeing anything when Nebraska does face Texas next year. He's not, because he's seen Young play. "Hey, he might get by me or I might miss him, but those are the types of players you want to go against. He's one of the best and I think any player wants to face those kinds of players when they get a chance."

Jensen will more than likely have that chance if Young does indeed return for his senior year. He'll have lots of chances in fact. With Nebraska's propensity at playing freshman, if you have the resolve, it's not usually a matter of if, but when.

Whenever that is, it won't be soon enough for Jensen. From what he's seen, he's amped. From what he's heard, he's excited. And from what he experienced in person as Nebraska dismantled Colorado, all he wants is for the months to pass by quicker than they are. "I can't wait," Jensen said of arriving to Lincoln. "I can't wait to get out there and play with those guys,"

"It's going to be great. Everyone will see that for themselves and I can't wait to be a part of it."

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