Aaron Mason has three visits set up

Aaron Mason has become a very popular junior college offensive tackle recently. The 6-foot-6 and 270 pound tackle from Santa Monica (Calif.) College was offered first by Nebraska and they seemed destined to get the first official visit. In the past couple of weeks though all of that has changed. Who will Mason be visiting and will Nebraska get a visit from the big-man?

Head Coach Robert Taylor from Santa Monica (Calif.) College said that Aaron Mason 'just kills his blocks'. That is lofty praise about anyone. Mason is a tackle that has good mobility and it seems that his best days of playing football are ahead of him.

Nebraska was actually the first school to come in and offer the big-man from Santa Monica, but since there he has received interest and other offers from all over the nation. While Nebraska was the first official that he set up they have slid from a December weekend into January.

"I am actually going to Wyoming this weekend," Mason said. "I am going to Washington next weekend. So that is Wyoming on 12/3 and Washington on 12/10. I have Missouri on 12/17. I won't take another visit until January. I will take my visit to Nebraska in January and there may be another one to Nevada - Reno in January too. Their coach is coming on Wednesday."

The in-home visits have begun and Mason is ready to get them started as well. He will be visiting with Nevada - Reno tomorrow night, but he was actually expecting some company on Tuesday. "Missouri is supposed to be here on Tuesday. Nebraska hasn't made an in-home visit with me yet."

Mason was a little concerned about what he was told by the Nebraska coaching staff when it came to making that official visit to Lincoln. That is the biggest reason the official visit date has slid out to January.

"Nebraska told me that when I go out there that I should be ready to come out and commit. That is why the visit got bumped back, because if I need to get those other visits in to be sure. If I go out there on a trip then they will look for me to commit right away. I'm not really ready to commit yet. It's pretty much all there. I just need to graduate on time."

"In a way that it is a big reason why the date slipped. Nebraska would be a great school for me to go to, but the other schools once I visit may have more to offer than Nebraska. I just need to go take a look."

Mason will not be ready to transfer at semester, but he could be ready to go as soon as February. "I have an inter-semester system here at Santa Monica. I could be done in February, but worse come to worse then I may not be done until this summer. I have to take a transferable math class. I am trying to get that in and get that done in the winter semester."

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