Another emerging at Omaha North next year

There is little doubt about how good Omaha (Nebr.) North could be next year. They will have, arguably, the top two players in the state in Phillip Bates and Niles Paul returning after great junior seasons. They will also have another weapon on offense that isn't getting the publicity, but is due the recognition of his teammates.

Thomas Warren from Omaha (Nebr.) North doesn't like how the season ended this year. While his team was successful and made the playoffs it didn't end the way that he wanted it to. He did have a very good season though.

"It was a good season, but I think that we should have won the last game," Warren said. "We had a punt block and it was a holding penalty that got it called back. Then they kicked a field goal. That was against Millard West."

"We were 7-3. I has about 20 catches, about 400 yards and a touchdown. I played cornerback and had two picks. I had about 20 unassisted tackles. I like playing receiver the best. I like watching the corner and knowing what I need to do. See him trying to jam and you need to make a move."

When it comes to playing receiver, Warren admits that there are some things that he does well playing offense. He admits though he could play defense at the next level, but that would not be his preference. "Just coming off the ball and catching the ball. I like to block. I am a good blocker, I think. I think that I could play offense or defense, but I prefer offense."

While the headliners from Omaha North for next year already have received their first offer, Warren has been getting his own attention. "I have been getting packets from some regional schools like Kansas State and Iowa State. Schools like that. Nebraska too. Of course Phillip Bates and Niles Paul have offers from Nebraska and Nebraska is up at the school all the time."

Warren already has some ideas about what he will be looking for when it comes to picking out a school. He admits that one school that he was looking at will have a huge hurdle for him to get over in replacing their head coach.

"I will be looking at the coaching staff and all of the academics. My dad is the police chief, so the school has to be good academically. I will also be looking at prestige and tradition. I liked Kansas State, but Bill Snyder retired."

"It really depends now on what coach KSU brings in and what he brings to the table. It's tough because Coach Snyder has been there so long."

When it comes to who Warren watched growing up it's a pretty easy guess. He was born and raised in Nebraska his whole life. "I grew up a Husker fan. I am from Nebraska and have been all my life." It's very early to start sorting out leaders for Warren, but he does have some schools that have piqued his interest this early in the process. "I would say that Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas State and Nebraska are my leaders. The regional schools."

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