Oklahoma commit now looking at NU?

You know the story: Recruit commits early, recruit starts to think, recruit starts to look around. It happens all the time. Depending on who the player is usually indicates just how much of a ruckus is made over the reevaluation of their decision. Well, Oklahoma has a pretty good one thinking about his options now and Nebraska could be one of those teams he's eyeballing for the future.

If you ask current Husker commit Michael McNeil about Jeremy Maclin, you could be there awhile as he regales you with the exploits of his teammate. Or he could simply say to you what he said to me when trying to describe what this Kirkwood, Missouri wide receiver is like.

"He's a freak," McNeil said of Maclin. "The guy is a certifiable playmaker and I know any team could use a guy like that."

That team has been established for awhile now, Maclin committing to the Oklahoma Soomers way back in August. The only problem with commits that early is the fact that after awhile they start to think and that ultimately means they are starting to look around.

That would be the case here

"I'm just checking out my options right now," Jeremy said. "I'm still very much committed to Oklahoma, but I want to know that I made the right decision by checking some of these other places out."

One of those places was Colorado, his only other scheduled official visit aside from the one he's already taken to Oklahoma. It was to see Colorado host the Huskers for the now traditional post-Thanksgiving contest, the last regular season game of the year.

For Colorado coaches and the program as a whole, the game could have gone better, Colorado getting thumped by Nebraska 30-3, and a portion of the CU faithful being ejected from the game, stemming from incidents where fans were hurling objects onto the field.

That didn't effect Maclin very much, outside of acknowledging the fans themselves. "They were crazy. That was pretty crazy what they were doing," he said.

While watching Colorado, there was, of course, the chance to see Nebraska, a team that Maclin said had offered him just a week ago. Considering how late in the process it is, Nebraska probably wasn't much on the radar for the standout receiver.

Following Nebraska's performance in the CU game, easily their best overall performance of the last two years, one has to wonder if Maclin has at least put them into his mind as an option, even if a slim one at this point. "They are on the radar, definitely," Jeremy said. "I don't know a lot about them, but that was a pretty surprising performance against Colorado."

"I wasn't expecting that."

Nor was anyone else, but the performance, especially quarterback Zac Taylor's 392 yard, 2 touchdown and no interception performance couldn't go unnoticed. "He's good," Maclin said of Taylor. "Plus, I hear they have a really good freshman there right now."

Thanks to McNeil, Maclin has learned a lot about the Huskers. McNeil has even said that until Maclin decides for good that he's a Sooner, he'll keep trying to lure him to the other big red. As for Maclin himself, he's keeping his options open, but isn't sure what he's going to do right now. "I don't know to be honest," Maclin said of possibly taking more visits. "I'm definitely keeping my options open, but I am not sure what I am going to do right now."

"I'm looking at some other schools, but we'll see how it goes. I am going to play this all by ear."

In the quarterfinals of the playoffs this year, Jeremy had 7 catches for approximately 250 yards and four touchdowns.

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