Things stay the same for Turner

Terrell Turner hasn't taken any other officials since returning from Nebraska. His comments following the Nebraska visit seem to indicate that Nebraska had pulled into the lead. That remains. However, he is going to get a few more chances to see some other campuses in the up-coming weeks.

Terrell Turner is ready to take some other visits. He isn't playing basketball this year and the wide receiver from Garland (Texas) Lakeview Centennial is looking at some time to improve his strength and also some time to unwind.

"The season is over," Turner said. "I will be hitting the weight room and hanging out. That is about it."

Turner took an official to Nebraska in October, but hasn't been on any other official visits since. He has one set for this weekend though. "No. I go to Kansas this Saturday. I haven't been anywhere since Nebraska."

When Turner returned from Lincoln he had nothing but high praise to say about the visit. Since some time has passed has he cooled on the experience? "It is all the same. I really liked my visit to Nebraska and I am not sure if anyone can beat it."

Is there anything different that Turner might do on his second official with one official visit under his belt? "I would like to take a little more time to talk to the computer science professors at Kansas. About the time that they were getting there at Nebraska I was getting ready to leave. That is about it."

A benefit to Turner on going to Kansas may be his reunion with some former teammates, Brandon Duncan and James McClinton. "Yes, I know a couple of guys at Kansas. I haven't talked to them about Kansas at all."

After the visit to Kansas this weekend he has one more set before the dead period and then another in January. "Iowa is the week after Kansas. Arizona is January 13 for me. I have another one that I will probably end up taking. I will make a decision after my last visit. I think that I am going to try and get that other official in before Arizona."

There are a list of potential schools that Turner is thinking about when it comes to slipping that other official visit in before Arizona. "I would say Minnesota, Georgia Tech, Colorado and I might just go to Hawaii. They aren't recruiting me, but I would like to take that trip."

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