Florida wideout still looking at Nebraska

Football season is over for almost every prep around the country. Even for those that competed in the state finals, there aren't many schools left still playing the game. For most of the best prep athletes around, that just means they are getting ready for something else, whether it be basketball or even track. That's what Florida prep-wideout Sherman Lang is doing, but he's throwing in some recruiting there as well.

Florida Air Academy's Sherman Lang was planning on going into this year with the drive and skill to make a stab at being one of the best wide receivers in the state. Through his ability to pull away from defenders and create separation with a physical style of play, this 6 foot ball catcher was hyped to better his over 15 yards per catch from last season, along with his nine touchdowns.

He did that, but not quite how he envisioned.

"I played quarterback this year," Lang said. "Our starting quarterback transferred, so they moved me over to take his place."

That was the first time Lang had ever gone under center, but he was an easy choice when it came to this team that runs the "Wing T". Lang was athletic, had quick feet and best of all, he could think on the run. That's probably why even a green Lang still managed 12 touchdowns through the air, amassing over 900 yards, along with seven touchdowns running the ball.

It may not have been exactly how he thought it would be, but the team having only two losses at the end of the year was a very good sign. "You don't know how you are going to do until you do it, so I just had to get out there to see what I could do," Lang said. "I did alright. There were a lot of things I could do better, but since it was my first year as a quarterback, I guess it wasn't too bad."

The lack of not playing the position he's recruited most to play could have hurt him along the way. The offers he said he had a few months ago are the same offers he has to this day:

Nebraska, Ole Miss, Rutgers, Florida International

The interest from other parties has grown, though, and now most schools are shifting their focus in what they want Lang to play. "It seems like everyone says athlete right now," Lang said. "Colorado State is recruiting me to play safety and I know a few other schools are telling me that wherever I fit best, that's where they want me to play."

"I don't really care what I play, because I just want to contribute and I know I can help my team wherever I am at on the field."

The steadiest contact he's been getting lately has been from Ole Miss and Rutgers, Lang said. His father, the person who is handling most of the other recruiting stuff like scheduling visits, said that Nebraska had called last week. Sherman doesn't feel like getting in any big rush, however, because he's got time to spare, and the most important thing is that he and his family agree on what's the best fit for him. "I've got options right now and maybe I will have more down the line," Lang said. "I'll look at the schools that are looking at me and I will go from there."

"I figure I will start taking my official visits in December, but my dad is taking care of that, so whatever he says, that's where we'll go."

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