Williams back into the swing of things

Keith Williams and his team made it to the brink of achieving their ultimate goal of a state title. When the end of the season came recruiting picked back up for Williams. He totally shut down his recruiting to focus on the season. Now that he is back into recruiting the officials are getting set up and he is narrowing the teams that he is considering.

Many teams shoot for the state title, but only two teams even play for the state title when it's all said and done. Keith Williams isn't happy though about just making it to the championship game. He wanted to win it all.

"Yes the season is over," Williams said. "We made it to the state championship, but of course we didn't win it and we are disappointed by that. We are Class 5 in Missouri."

Williams faced off with another Nebraska recruit from Missouri in one of the playoff games. "We played Adrian Clayborn's team and we beat them. That game was the final four game for us. We lost to Reymore-Peculiar this year. I have my personal thoughts on why we lost, but they have a good team."

While Williams isn't sure how he did statistically he went out and did what he wanted to do. "I really don't know what my stats were this year. I don't keep track of them. I think that I did good. I just went out every day and played like an animal."

Only one post-season honor has been announced so far and Williams knows that he received it, but not on both sides of the ball.

"The only thing that I know is done right now is all-conference. I got first team all-conference on offense. I was shocked because last year I received all-conference on offense and defense. I made all-state, all-metro, and everything last year. They haven't done all-state and all-metro teams yet. I am sure that I made all-metro."

The seaosn is over with and recruiting is starting back up for Williams. He put it all on hold to give him and his team the best chance to play for a title. "Recruiting is going well. I am just now getting back into everything because I post-poned it for the season and the coaches respected me for that."

Williams has a couple of officials already set and have a few others in mind about where to visit. "I set up an official to Minnesota and Indiana. Iowa, Nebraska and Michigan State are some schools that I am still considering for my other officials. Missouri is still in it too, they are on my list."

Nebraska has stayed on top of Williams and he has gotten a chance to already meet a couple of coaches from Nebraska. "Coach Cosgrove from Nebraska is recruiting me. Coach Wagner is also recruiting me because he wanted me to get to know who his position coach would be if I came to Nebraska."

Keith was busy during Thanksgiving week having practice and ultimately played his final game later that weekend. However, he did catch part of the Nebraska game against Colorado on Friday. "I watched some of the game against Colorado, but not that much. I know that they looked good."

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