Huskers pick up another from Bay Area

One of the biggest advantages that the Nebraska coaching staff has re-established in their short tenure in Lincoln has been the importance of the summer camps. They are pulling in talent from all over the nation. One player may not have visited Nebraska this year, but he and his father saw it this summer. That, and an offer, was enough to seal the deal on his commitment to The Big Red.

Many will wonder why Anthony West pulled the commitment trigger to Nebraska, sight unseen. He has seen the campus though and so has his father. The standout from San Diego (Calif.) Point Loma did just recently get the offer, but it took little time to make the decision.

"He just committed today," Mr. West said. "We had talked to a coach on the phone and committed. They gave us a call last week and gave us a call again today. He got the offer a week ago."

Anthony talked about when he was out at Nebraska and what actually happened on that trip. "I got the offer about a week ago," West said. "I was there over the summer for about four days for a camp. I just fell in love with it basically. My father was with me."

"I just thought it would be this lonesome little place and it might have been that a little bit. But, it was really the atmosphere, the coaching staff and everyone around that made it right. It was just really nice. The facilities were really nice and I also liked the academic support team."

The season isn't over for West and Point Loma. In fact, there is one game to go which, as fate would have it, will put West on the other side of the football of another future Cornhusker.

"The season is still going actually and it has been going pretty good. We have a championship game that we play in a couple of weeks. We have our last game left. We play St. Augustine and Menelik Holt. We played them last year, but not this year. I am not too close with him, but I have spoke to him a couple of times."

West, who is 6-foot-1, 190 pounds and runs a 4.4/40, is tearing it up from the running back position. "I know that I have about 155 carries for almost 1300 yards and 14 touchdowns. For receiving I have about 15 receptions for about 300 yards and four touchdowns. I do play some safety."

Nebraska is looking at West to possibly do a number of things in Lincoln on the football field. He listed out all of the options. "They actually see me at a couple of positions. Most-likely they are looking at me for safety and corner or running back and receiver and they like me on special teams."

Nebraska was the first to officially offer him, but it seemed that he was becoming increasingly popular. West was looking at a possible official visit which could have led to an offer.

"It wasn't an official offer, but I spoke to Texas Tech the other day and they said that they wanted to set up a visit. They said that when I got down there that they would offer. That is the only other one. I was getting attention from UCLA, Cal, Arizona State and Arizona."

When it comes down to it though, it was the experience that Anthony and his father had in Lincoln that made up their minds. "It was basically the atmosphere, the coaches, the facilities and the academics. They are on their way up," Anthony said.

"That's where (Nebraska) I wanted him to go anyway," Mr. West said. "I am looking forward to it, that is where I wanted him to go. I just fell in love with it when we were there; the whole atmosphere, the coaches, and the facilities."

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