Four star linebacker down to two

It's been awhile since we have touched base with four-star linebacker Devin Johnson. That doesn't mean recruiting has gotten dull on his end, though. Quite the opposite in fact. Recruiting has been so eventful, the California prep is down to two teams left and we think that you'll see he has a pretty good idea of where he wants to go.

The season didn't finish the way Rancho Cucamonga linebacker Devin Johnson had hoped. His Cougars finished 6-5 last year and they duplicated the effort this time around.

Johnson didn't do too bad for himself, though, topping his already impressive sack mark of 10 last year by totaling 11 this year. The hardest part was trying to match the tackles. As Johnson found out, one good year means a lot of things, but the most important; teams remember where you're at.

"They just run wherever you aren't," Johnson said. "You get used to just running across the field, because they are always going away from you."

Even with the week-to-week track meet on grass he was running, Johnson still managed almost 60 tackles on the year. No, it didn't top his almost 80 from the year before, but given the circumstances, he'll take it.

Devin will take some visits as well, but the recruiting process has been such, that he's got a very good idea about his final schools and where those official visits will go. The surprise here is, there's only two. "I'm going to visit Fresno State in January and I am going to visit Arizona sometime soon," Johnson said.

So, it's down to two for Johnson, which is great at this point of the year, but he could actually be down to one.

While Johnson wouldn't come out and say it, when he talks about Arizona, you wouldn't find yourself confused by just what you think he means. "Arizona is recruiting me the hardest right now," Johnson said of the Wildcats. "They were here visiting me, too."

And when you ask about what the relationship with U of A is like, it's pretty obvious as well. "I know more about them than any other," he continued. "I have talked to all of their coaches and they are all pretty cool."

The Fresno State visit is on the horizon, insisted Johnson, but the Arizona visit will come possibly as much as a month before that. Again, he's not saying it, but at this point, it's logical to assume that Johnson could go into his visit to Arizona a recruit and come out as their latest commit.

Added stuff: Obviously just a note here of interest as you are probably wondering why I put this here with no mention of Nebraska. I talked to him about the Huskers and he said he just couldn't see himself there for a few reasons, but the biggest was that he has indeed developed a very close relationship with the Arizona coaches.

Oh, and Arizona is a little warmer than the Midwest.

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