"I was so proud to say that I was a Husker."

There is a lot to look forward next year for Husker fans. They might have seen a little glimpse of how well this team could be in the final game of the regular season against Colorado. They also have commits like Andre Jones who will surely come in and make their presence known as soon as they get to town.

The hit on taller cornerbacks is that the taller they get the slower they get. Don't tell Andre Jones. Jones is a 6-foot and 190 pound defensive back with a 4.4/40 from Fresno (Calif.) City College. His season ended this past weekend, but Jones went out with a bang, literally.

"I had an interception and a big hit, a big hit. Like one of those Madden hit sticks," Jones said. "When I hit him he fumbled and I scooped it up and almost took it to the house. I almost scored with it. I got our offense good field position and they end up scoring on that drive."

"On a kick-off return I took one back about 75 yards and almost took that one to the house. I stepped out of bounds though. I had a big game though."

Jones just didn't have the chance to put up huge numbers this season because few teams would challenge his side of the field and with good reason. His strength is in his feet, speed and man to man coverage. He did do the most with what he saw this year though.

"I had five interceptions this season. I don't know how many tackles. I have to check that. There is a bunch of passes broken up. There were a bunch. I will check with my coach to see if he knows."

One of the biggest things that recruiting fans always are concerned with, more so with junior college players, is the academic situation. Jones assured Big Red Report that things are going well though and that he is fueling his desire to get good grades by the want to get to Nebraska.

"School is going good. Going really good. I am so ready to get out of here, you just don't know."

Nebraska played one of their best, if not their best, games of the season the day after Thanksgiving, but Jones was unable to tune in. He spent the holiday with another teammate and his family, but got back in time to catch some highlights.

"I wanted to watch, but I was on the road coming back here. I got back home in time to catch the highlights and stuff on ESPN and they looked so good; I was so proud to say that I was a Husker."

From here on out for the rest of his time in Fresno it will be about grades and training. He will now have the time that he once dedicated on the football field available to start spending in these two other areas.

"Well now I am just going to start training and focus hard on my grades and stuff. I am doing well on that so far, but I can put more emphasis on it since the season is over. I am just going to start training and get ready to head to Nebraska."

If recruiting fans are concerned about grades when it comes to junior college players, then another would be how hard they are recruited even after committing to a school. Jones ended the recruiting process very early and has still had a steady stream of suitors coming to his door trying to get his services.

"Oh yeah, of course. I am a man of my word. When I say that I am coming, I am coming."

"Coach Blake was here a couple of days ago just checking up to make sure that everything was going good and stuff like that. Wanted to make sure that everything was cool with school and he spoke to my counselors. Coach Wagner is coming out to see me this week. He's a real good guy."

Andre is currently in the process of putting together highlights of him and Steve Allen for Big Red Report.

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