Nebraska could strike gold in California

There's lots of holes that Nebraska needs to fill when it comes to this on-going transitional period as the "option" keeps inching closer to the "west coast". It's all about the talent and little by little the Nebraska staff is trying to fill the holes, stop the leaks and add depth wherever they can. Nebraska could go a long way into helping one major need with this recruit and he said of the Huskers, that might be just what he's going to be.

Maurice Purify is ready. He's ready to face Grossmont, his team having made it to the junior college championship game. He's ready to finish his year off in style, Maurice already amassing over 1,000 yards receiving. He's ready to do a lot of things and when it comes to recruiting, he could be ready to do something there as well. Maurice thinks he knows where he's going to go.

San Francisco City College wide receiver extraordinaire Maurice Purify is sitting, but not very still. It's an exciting time for him and his team as they get ready to face Grossmont junior college in the California Community Colleges Commission on Athletics Football Championship.

Yeah, that's a mouth full, but there's not a single player on the Rams that doesn't know the title of that game by heart.

That's where they want to be

"It's just one week to go, baby," Purify said of the time left until the championship game to be held in Grizzlies Stadium in Fresno, California. "This is what we have been working for, so it's time to finish it off right."

Purify is ready and you can bet that Grossmont knows full well who he is. With over 1,100 yards on 55 catches this season, scoring 15 touchdowns, this Ram has been shoving it down the opponent's throat with alarming efficiency. Of course, being 6 foot, 5 inches tall and running a 4.5/40 doesn't hurt.

Well, unless you are the other guy and you think you can play him man-to-man. When that happens, Maurice will just smile before he torches you as he did one unfortunate DB. "Butte had this guy covering me that was like 6-3," Purify said. "I think I had like seven catches for 220 yards and three touchdowns."

‘Nuff said

Putting it simply, Purify has been on fire and in the late parts of the season, when it's most crucial that you perform, he's only chipped in the aforementioned performance along with his most recent performance against Reedley, where he amassed over 150 yards, scoring twice.

You'd think with the success he's had the attention would be mounting. It has and with the passing weeks, it's only increased. When we talked to Maurice last, he was sitting on the offer from Nebraska. That total of one has been outdone, considerably. "Let's see, I have offers from Nebraska, Arizona, Washington, Washington State, Texas A&M and Arizona," he said. "There are some other schools contacting me, too, but those are the offers I have right now."

During this time of year, the offers are usually accompanied by personal visits, coaches from all over, traveling all over, trying to keep commits in or get some new commits to come.

Oregon State coaches were in earlier this month to see Maurice, as well as coaches from the University of Nebraska. To date, Nebraska has been the only school that Maurice has officially visited. Of the visits he has had at his place, though, Purify had this to say: "I got along with the coach from Oregon State, but it's looking like I am going to go to Nebraska," he said. "They are the only team that has shown a ton of interest, plus my mom felt really pleased that they (QB coach Jay Norvell and WR coach Ted Gilmore) came down there and told her everything she wanted to know."

You can't fault for a young man wanting to get the final word from his mom, Maurice finding a lot of comfort in what his mother had to say about how she got along with his potential future coaches. Maurice did also say that his mom, while very impressed with the Huskers, still wanted him to make sure that Nebraska was going to be the place for him.

"She said I should take the rest of my visits and make sure that Nebraska is the place for me," Maurice said. "I mean, they have done everything right and I like how they are over there, so it's looking good, but I have to take these other visits, just so I know for sure."

Purify said that while he's thinking about taking official visits, one possibly to Washington in January and Oregon State and some point this or next month, nothing has been set in stone. As you can imagine, he's got some other things on his mind.

A week from now he plans on hoisting up a trophy with his teammates after they beat Grossmont in the championship game. And after that, then he'll worry a lot more about recruiting. Well, I wouldn't say he's going to worry about it, as he doesn't seem real worried right now, because, while he's not sure exactly where he's going to go, he's got a pretty good idea. "I haven't said it yet," Purify said in regard to committing to Nebraska. "But, it's looking pretty good right now."

"I guess you could say Nebraska is definitely a strong leader at this point."

We'll keep in touch with Maurice, see how he does in the championship game and keep you up-to-date about all the latest in his recruiting. It's safe to say that the interest in Maurice has only just started to heat up.

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