Johnson comments on official to Washington

All is fair in love and war...and recruiting apparently. Schools keep the pressure on recruits despite their commitment to another school and their pleas to back off. However, sometimes their persistence can pay off. Washington was looking for the payoff this weekend.

Well Husker fans, it's true. The "Beast", Brandon Johnson, did take an official to Washington this past weekend. While he told Big Red Report before Thanksgiving that he wasn't, he said that it wasn't planned and was more of a spur of the moment deal.

"Yeah, I went to Washington," Johnson said. "It was a last minute thing. Basically it was my friends were going and they were telling me to go so I ended up going."

"The Washington coaches brought me in to talk to them on the visit. They said that they knew that I was committed to Nebraska, but wanted to see if the visit to Washington would make me consider going there. I told them that I was going to Nebraska."

Johnson appears to have smoothed things over with the Nebraska coaching staff today when Coach John Blake was in town. Coach Blake spent some time with Brandon talking about the official visit, talked to the academic counselors and just spoke to Brandon personally.

One thing that has been extremely influential on Brandon thus far and could continue to be is where a couple of his teammates go to play football. For Brandon, his decision has been made and they both need to make theirs. "I already know what I am doing and I don't know what Anthony Atkins and Ashlee Palmer are doing. They need to make their own decision."

"Ashlee is visiting Nebraska this weekend. I think that Nebraska has got a very good chance with Nebraska. I hope that he goes there. I know that since when I have been playing with him that I wasn't scared when I couldn't get to the quarterback because I knew that he was back there."

Ashley hasn't been out to Nebraska before, but he does have a bit of an idea of what to expect and look for on his visit. Johnson has taken the time to talk to Ashlee about Nebraska and even tell him that both of Nebraska's starting safeties graduate this year.

"I have spoke to Ashlee about Nebraska. I told him how the trip went for me. I told him about the game day there, the coaching staff, the players, the environment, the facilities, the academic support and even what their graduation rate was of their players."

One thing that might have influenced Johnson in making his decision was to get closer to home or get back to a Midwest school. He hails from Chicago originally and out of high school went to college in Iowa. It is a good theory, but Brandon said that Nebraska was just the best fit for him.

"I don't think that being from the Midwest has anything to do with it. I have been to Washington and I have been to Nebraska and Nebraska is better. I like Nebraska better than Washington. It was really going to come down to where I was going to fit and play ball."

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