Talented Lineman insists NU still has a shot

Bruce Campbell finished off his year in style and that means one thing: Title. Hyde Leadership will now have an off-season of enjoying how they ended the year on top. Campbell's year will be a little different as he's going to be thinking not about endings, but new beginnings instead. Now he just has to figure out where that's going to take place.

It's good to end the year as a winner. That's what every team player wants and for Hyde Leadership standout Bruce Campbell, it doesn't get any better than this even though his team absolutely steamrolled almost all of the competition.

What's matter is ending the year on top

Of course, once you have won it all, most players' thoughts wonder to how you can do it again. For Campbell, that's pretty much the mind-set, but it won't be at Hyde Leadership, rather a division 1-A college instead.

The only question now is who

Campbell said that it's down to the possible favorite – Maryland, plus the Universities of Virginia and Nebraska.

What has kept those three in the race, amongst other reasons is that now all three are recruiting Campbell not as an offensive lineman, but for the defensive side instead. From his super impressive 6 foot, 6 inch, 270 pound physique or his equally impressive 4.7/40, Campbell has started to see himself not as a potential all-everything tackle, but defensive end instead.

"I like defense," he said "It just seems that I will have better success there and I like where I am physically, so that's what I want to play."

Now to his favorites and some might think the mystery here is that Nebraska is still on the list. When Campbell admits that he has said for months now, perhaps the entire recruiting process, that distance was indeed a factor, seeing Nebraska still on the list might not make a lot of sense. It does to Campbell, though. "Distance is an issue, but I visited Nebraska, because I thought out of all the schools out there, they would be the one that I might consider even if it wasn't real close to home," he said.

"I'm still considering them right now. That's why they are in my top three and the coaches are going to be here to visit me either tomorrow or Thursday."

The criteria for Campbell hasn't changed, nor has he added anything special as to what he's interested in, when he'd like to play or exactly what a depth chart has to look like. He's just interested in the relationship with the coaches, the atmosphere at the program and the support of the fans. He's picked up everything else he wants to know along the way, but he doesn't know when he'll finally pull the trigger.

"I still have some visits to make and my last visit is going to be to Maryland," Bruce said. "After that, I'll just figure things out then. I don't have any leaders right now, but that's what the visits are for and after I take them all, I think I should have a good idea."

On the year, Bruce finished third on the team in tackles with 53 (42 solo) and 4 ½ sacks.

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