Another emerging at Santa Monica

A lot of the recruiting draw to Santa Monica (Calif.) Junior College has been Aaron Mason and Dexter Manley, Jr. However, if you look around a little bit you will also find a good defensive tackle that is looking to get recognized. At 280 pounds and with 4.8/40 speed it should be just a matter of time.

The road to Santa Monica (Calif.) Junior College was not straight from Connor Redfearn. It starts in Texas, makes a stop in Mississippi and the arrives in California. For Redfearn though, he wouldn't change a thing.

"I'm originally from Mt. Pleasant, Texas. That is right between Texarkana and Dallas. I was at Mississippi for three semesters and walked on there. I has a late ACT score out of high school and they told me a lot of things to get me there. I found out that my opportunity to play there was pretty limited."

"I wanted to explore some other options, but I didn't know if I wanted to go Division I because I would have to wait another year so I contacted a bunch of smaller schools and they were all chomping at the bit to get me and I didn't feel like the Lord wanted me to go to any of them."

"So I just prayed about it and I sent these guys (Fresno) some film because my sister lives out here and they called me up. I have been here ever since. You can't get more well rounded coming from Mt. Pleasant, Texas going to Oxford, Miss. and coming out to Los Angeles, Calif."

The Santa Monica season did not go as planned, but that did not stop Redfearn from having a good year. He did miss some time due to injury. He healed though and is hoping that the effort pays off in being able to go Division I.

"Personally I had a really good season. I missed three games due to a shoulder injury. Other than that in every game I played in I did well. Of course our defensive stats weren't that great as a unit, but personally I think that I did well and my coach concurs with that. I am just playing my heart out to get to that next level."

"I know that my stats were good, but I am not sure what they were exactly. I wasn't eligible for all-conference because I missed those three games so I got honorable mention all-conference. That isn't too good, but I couldn't get the all-conference."

As of right now, Redfearn is getting the most recruiting attention from some schools a little closer to where he is from. He is still waiting for that first offer and is set to take some visits soon. He is eligible to transfer at semester.

"Oh yeah, I am getting attention from SMU and Baylor right now. I had a few calls from Oregon during the season. Right now it's just SMU and Baylor. I don't have any current offers though. I haven't taken any visits yet, but I am hoping to take one to SMU some time. I am eligible to transfer at semester."

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