Huskers expecting big visitor this weekend

The recruiting process isn't just about searching; it's also about refinement. The recruiting process isn't what it used to be and offers fly off the shelves, but then the scope narrows based on several factors and then you have your top targets. Nebraska may have come in on this tackle late, but the coach at Nebraska is keeping the Huskers on his mind.

One of those recruits to bubble to the surface recently for Nebraska is Carl Nicks. Nicks is a 6-foot-5 and 330 pound offensive lineman from Hartnell (Calif.) Junior College. This past weekend he took a trip and according to the update came very close to committing.

"I went to Washington this past weekend," Nicks said. "The visit went quite well. The whole coaching staff stood out. Plus, you have the players and they were awesome. They showed me a very good time. The faculties were top-notch. Everything there was nice."

Following the Washington visit though he has a couple of other officials set up to compare it to. He will have official visits for three consecutive weeks and will probably have a decision about where he will commit around Christmas.

"I am going to visit Nebraska on Friday and then go to visit Cal the weekend after that. I will probably have my decision some time after that. I can't transfer until May, but I should have my decision before Christmas. It's really down to Washington, Cal and Nebraska. I have other offers, but those are my top three."

The others, as Nicks calls them, are that way for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is distance. "Oregon State isn't too far away, but they came in a little late on me so it's been tough to get something scheduled with them. I have offers from Louisville, Florida, Wisconsin, Kansas, and a few others."

Out of high school Nicks was a full-qualifier and went division one. Things weren't all that they seemed though and found himself coming home to attend junior college. "I played my high school ball at Salinas (Calif.) North. Out of high school I was a full-qualifier and went to New Mexico State. There was a bad coaching staff situation and they all ended up getting fired anyway."

Nebraska isn't any closer to Nicks than Kansas is, but Nebraska does have some things going their way that has Nicks interested. One of the biggest things for Nicks now isn't Nebraska's facilities, traditions or academic all-Americans. Instead, it is one person keeping Nebraska on the mind of Nicks.

"One thing that that has got me interested on Nebraska is their coach. He is real persistent on calling me all the time, talking to me about my family and talking to me about the program there at Nebraska all the time. Coach Dennis Wagner is recruiting me and is the offensive line coach."

"He told me that there was an opportunity to come in and play early. He also said that they are looking to make a run at the National Championship. I looked at their roster and they have a lot of juniors, sophomores and freshmen that are there and are coming back. He described the town to me and had a lot of other things that he told me about the school."

What Coach Wagner seems to do to Nicks too is boost his spirit and not to just think about coming in and playing. Instead, Coach Wagner has Nicks thinking of a larger picture. "He makes me think that I can be great."

Nicks' decision isn't a typical one, in fact, it's far from typical. When he was about to turn 18 he became a father. Since then he has gotten married and his daughter is two. When he makes his decision about where to go to school it will be more than about game day environments and facilities.

"I am not just making this decision for me, but also making this for my family. First of all, it has to be the best situation and safe for my family. It is also going to come down to my wife being able to find work, what does daycare cost and the cost of living. She is trying to get her A.A., but she has been working and going part-time and it's taking her a while longer."

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