Hidden gem in the Rockies?

As a recruit you like to see the head coach make a visit to see you. A lot of times you will only get your recruiting coach, position coach or maybe the recruiting coordinator. That's why it's a pretty big deal when the head coach comes to see you from your childhood favorite school.

Nebraska has already gone into Colorado this year and got two commits from Seth Jensen and Pierre Allen. Now Nebraska might be picking up some interest in another from the Rocky Mountain State, Joel Buschmann. Joel is a 6-foot-5 and 285 pound offensive lineman from Littleton (Colo.) Columbine.

The big man from Littleton is a very athletic big man, has a 5.3/40 time, and anchored what might have been one of the biggest sides of any prep high school line in America. The tackle next to him is 6-foot-8 and 280 pounds. The season did not end up the way that Buschmann would have liked it to have though.

"We ended up finishing up just a couple of weeks ago," Buschmann said. "We ended up going 11-2. We lost in the semi-finals. That was tough."

"Personally, I had a pretty good season. It was tough not to go all the way and win state, but what can you do? I am not sure about my personal statistics, but as a team I think that we led the state in rushing. I know that I got first-team all-conference and all-state hasn't come out yet."

Buschmann is already holding onto a fair amount of offers and has trimmed his list to a top five of schools who have offered. "Recruiting is good. Obviously it's exciting to get recruited by an individual and a school. My top five are Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma and Iowa State. Those are the five that I have offers from and that I have narrowed it down to."

With the season just getting over with, Buschmann hasn't been able to take any official visits yet, plus he needed to get the test out of the way. "I haven't taken any official visits yet. I just finished taking the ACT again today. I am planning on taking all of my official visits over the next few weeks and finish them up in January."

One school that hasn't offered has been by to see Buschmann and the other lineman just recently. While this school hasn't offered, it is clear that if they would they would receive immediate consideration for a spot on the leader board and get an official visit.

"Yeah, Nebraska came in and visited with me and our junior, Ryan Miller. It was Coach Callahan from Nebraska. I grew up a Nebraska fan. We just spoke about how the season went and about how it ended. We just spoke about what my interest was in Nebraska. I didn't mention that I was a Nebraska fan, but I told him that I was very interested and that I was very appreciative of him coming out to our school. It showed that he was interested in us."

"I would obviously give them a lot of consideration mostly because I have been such a big fan of theirs for a while. So far nothing has happened, but there is still a month or so left and I am pretty interested in them."

Buschmann has two official visits set up and is planning on taking all five before coming to a decision. "I have officials set up to Iowa State on January 20 and Colorado is for January 13. Those are the only two that I have set up. I will be setting up the other three over the next couple of days."

Buschmann confirmed to Big Red Report that Ryan Miller has an offer from Nebraska. "Ryan Miller has an offer from Nebraska. I think that they offered him the other day. He is like 6-foot-7 and I played guard next to him. He is a big guy though."

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