Palmer pulls trigger: 'Beast, I did it!'

One of the most anticipated recruits this weekend for Nebraska was Ashlee Palmer. Palmer, beyond being a huge safety that can flat out fly, is critical to Nebraska's recruiting success for a number of reasons. Big Red Report was the first to report this morning that Palmer was a Husker and his teammate and future, fellow Husker, Brandon Johnson, confirmed it.

Ashlee Palmer may have been the most critical get for the Nebraska coaching staff this weekend. The 6-foot-3 and 215 pound safety from Compton (Calif.) Community College called to tell his present and future teammate, Brandon Johnson, about his decision to be a Husker.

"Yeah, he told me about it," Johnson said. "He said, 'Beast, I did it!'. I said, 'Did what?'. He said, 'I committed!'."

Johnson took a trip to Washington with Palmer and Anthony Atkins and it may have played into Nebraska's favor. The two were able to sit down and contrast the visits and Brandon was able to prepare Ashlee for the Nebraska trip.

"He told me that it was amazing. He said that everything I told him was true. I just said, 'I told you, man. I told you."

One of the more amazing stories is teammates reunited at Nebraska over the next year or so. Palmer was at Compton when Ola Dagundero was giving quarterbacks grief. It was a big part of Johnson's decision to be there with people that he knew and now you will have three back together, if only for a year.

"We are going to get a chance to play together some more. I think that Ola Dagundero was his host."

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