About 90% sure that it will be Nebraska

Here's another one. One of those 6-foot+, 200+ pound recruits that runs a 4.4. Wait a minute, they don't grow on trees, but Nebraska is doing a good job and going out and finding them. Nebraska knew about Danzell Issac over a year ago, but then he changed schools along with his coach. They found out about him when they were recruiting another from his school, Zac Bowman.

One of the last names to pop up this week that was in Lincoln was Danzell Issac. Issac is a defensive end and linebacker at Eastern Arizona (Ariz.) Junior College. He is on his way home to Thatcher, Ariz. right now, but caught up with Big Red Report to discuss his visit.

"It went well, very good actually," Issac said. "I have been recruited by Nebraska since the beginning of last season. My coach told me that they were looking at me, but I didn't actually start hearing from them until the second semester of last year. I set up the visit not that long ago."

Danzell is a specimen. He is almost 6-foot-3 and has great speed. Speed that he showed up since he was in high school and ran a great 200m.

"I am 6-foot-2.5 and almost 6-foot-3. I weighed in at 205 pounds. Nebraska is looking at me as an outside linebacker. I played defensive end and linebacker for Eastern Arizona this year."

"I ran track in high school. I ran a 21.5 second 200m time. My 40 time the last time I ran it was a 4.4 flat."

In Nebraska he got to see everything and hang out with the coaches and the players. "They showed me the new facilities that were being built and I got to visit and hang out with the players. I got to watch them practice for a little bit yesterday. I met with all of the coaches. The players are cool. The coaches are cool."

Issac confirmed to Big Red Report that there were some commitments this weekend, and there could have been another, but he just needs to get the coaching staff to talk to his family a bit.

"Not yet, I am really leaning towards committing and I just need to talk with my mom first and she wants to talk with the coaches and stuff. She just wants what is best for me. I would say that nine out of 10 that I will commit to Nebraska. It will just be a short amount of time before that happens."

It's a bit of a story how Issac ended up at Eastern Arizona. A story that started with him being a non-qualifier out of high school.

"I wasn't a qualifier out of high school. Coach Kaufman from ECU he called me and asked me what I was doing, I was supposed to go to the Buffalo out of high school, but I told him about my situation and not being able to go there. I guess he called Coach O'Meara and Coach Redding who were at New Mexico Military and that's how I ended up there."

"I was there last year and then Coach O'Meara and Coach Redding moved out to Eastern Arizona and I followed them out there. I played with Zac Bowman last year at New Mexico Military. He was my host in Lincoln this weekend."

The Huskers were able to hook up former teammates Ashlee Palmer and Ola Dagundero as recruit and host and also Zac Bowman and Issac. It's a huge recruiting advantage to Nebraska to being able to pair people up that know and trust eachother.

"He told me that the coaches look out for you and take care of you. He said that basically all of the players get along and look out for one another. It's kind of like a big family."

The hurdle with his mother isn't a high one. She is really just looking out for him and wants what is best for Issac. "I think that she will like it a lot, especially the educational part of it. She will like that most of all. She just needs chance to talk to the coaches."

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