Huskers get their man at safety

It's been a bit of a saga. Ashlee Palmer has had a Nebraska offer for a while and at one time was committed to Oregon. A lot has happened though, like Palmer becoming a force at safety since changing positions from quarterback. He has a current teammate already committed to Nebraska and another at Nebraska right now; those are just some of the reasons why it was everything that he wanted.

Ashlee Palmer is the newest Cornhusker. Palmer is a 6-foot-3 and 215 pound safety that still runs a 4.5/40. The standout from Compton (Calif.) Community College had many doubting his commitment. Big Red Report reported the commitment this morning and stood by their claim.

"I'm at the house now," Palmer said. "I committed on the trip. My mom didn't know. I committed though."

"When I let Coach Callahan now he was pumped. I am a Blackshirt now. It was everything that I wanted."

One thing that has been argued has been the trip that Ashlee, Brandon Johnson and Anthony Atkins took to Washington could help Nebraska in getting Palmer. It provided a benchmark for Brandon and Ashlee to compare Washington to Nebraska. Ashlee sees the logic, but also notes the differences.

"Kinda, sorta, but I mean I went to Nebraska by myself. All three of us went to Washington together and it was different that way. Brandon let me know a little bit about what he saw on his trip. I saw basically the same thing, but I didn't get to see a game."

While Palmer and the rest of the official visitors were on campus this past weekend they attended the honors banquet for the football team. All of the players in one place at one time was a great chance for all the visitors to see the family environment.

"The banquet was nice. We got to see everyone get their awards. Cory Ross got the offensive MVP award. It was a nice get together. The announcer asked us to stand up, introduced us and that was pretty interesting."

A person that Ashlee is familiar with was there at Nebraska ready to show him around. A friend that he is looking forward to playing with next year and finally on the same side of the football.

"Ola Dagundero was my host. That's my boy. We've already played together and we get to play together again. Now, with Beast coming, we will all be on the field at the same time and on the same side of the ball."

Ashlee will be eligible to transfer in December to come to Lincoln. The maroon and silver of Compton will be turned in for another set of colors. "It's red and white now. I am a Cornhusker."

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