"I'm going to commit..."

Nebraska has been looking to fill needs and this past weekend they filled a huge one with two, massive, junior college offensive lineman. This coming week they could be filling another huge need as this standout said that come next weekend he will be a Husker.

The season is over for Maurice Purify and he is spending a little time unwinding. The 6-foot-4 and 200 pound wide receiver from Community College of San Francisco (Calif.) is still all about doing things associated with football.

"I am playing a little Madden," Purify said. "I am watching Monday Night Football as soon as my game is over. I am playing against Michael Vick right now."

The season didn't end for Purify as he would have liked. San Francisco had one of the most potent offenses in California this year. Purify, again, couldn't be stopped, but his team did find out what can keep them from winning. It was turnovers.

"We lost this weekend to Grossmont. We lost 38-35. We had seven turnovers and were down by 28 at one point. We had five interceptions. I had eight receptions for 120-some yards and two touchdowns. I got offensive player of the game."

Purify said that he was unsure how many total receptions or yards he had for the season. However, he said that he was still averaging over a touchdown per contest. "I don't know what my total receptions were for the season. I had 19 touchdowns through 13 games."

In the last update with Big Red Report, Purify stated that Nebraska was his leader. The Cornhuskers have been doing a stellar job recruiting the playmaker from San Francisco. "Yep, Nebraska is still the team to beat. They are coming after me the hardest right now."

When Purify was asked about what the chances were that he thought he would end up a Cornhusker it was pretty high. High enough to be asked afterward if he was kidding. "I would say 97%. I am not kidding."

That 97% might be a little low in all actuality. Turns out Purify might be ready to make an announcement this coming weekend. "I am going to commit after this week is over," Purify said. "It'll be next weekend."

Husker fans will be elated to hear that news, but for those questioning his grades or academic progress should breathe easier when they hear Purify say that he is on track to leave San Francisco. "I would be able to get to Nebraska in May. I am a May graduate and am on track to graduate in May."

Maurice was able to tune in for a little of the Nebraska game against Colorado. He was impressed to see the improvements in the offense. "I only watched a little bit of the Colorado game. I liked it. I liked how the quarterback threw the ball a little better than I saw before."

Purify was in to see Nebraska for the second weekend of October. That weekend has already been heralded as one of the biggest weekends for Nebraska recruiting. From that weekend Nebraska received commitments from Brandon Johnson, Rulon Davis, Steve Allen and Andre Jones.

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