West excited about going East

During the summer camps this year, Anthony West stood out and he even made our choice as the top performer from both sessions of the camps. With blazing speed, an impressive vertical and good instincts for the game, we speculated then, that it was only a matter of time before he got his offer from NU. He did and good to something he said back then, it didn't take long for him to take that offer, think about it and call the coaches back and say he was coming to the land of the big red.

Per a conversation we had with Anthony West during summer camps, it looked good for Nebraska if they were to offer him a scholarship.

And why wouldn't they?

He ran a summer session best 4.34/40, jumped over 30 inches and had the hips and elusiveness you want, even if you are just looking for a great athlete. We honestly didn't think it was a matter of if he was going to get an offer. We were only speculating on just how long it would take.

It probably took a little longer than we thought, but the offer came nonetheless and even right before Thanksgiving.

After all his hard work to get to this point, West was giving some thanks of his own, knowing that it had all paid off and it didn't take him long after getting that offer, he made the call and said he would be a Husker. "When I first got it, I was really happy," West said. "What was funny was that I didn't even really think about if I should have committed until I already did."

That goes with the territory, most kids doing something on emotion and then later thinking about it, wondering if they should have, some actually realizing they shouldn't, because they just didn't know enough about that school.

For a little while West had those same thoughts, but when he took his visit this last weekend, any doubts he had were erased. "That did it for me, making that trip," he said. "Once I got down there, saw everything again, I felt really comfortable with my decision."

With the doubt erased, West has now been thinking about his time at Nebraska, wondering how he'll fit in, what position he'll play and when he'll get on the field. Through conversations with the coaches, the first two are up in the air, but as to the last one, Anthony already has a clear goal in mind. "I want to play," Anthony said of suiting up as a true freshman. "I see all of the freshman they (Nebraska) played this year and that just gets me even more excited."

The position isn't set, because Anthony has the versatility to play either side of the ball. He proved that well enough during summer camps, but his statistics as a senior only helped to reinforce the fact. Not only did he total 55 tackles on defense from the strong safety position, but on offense, he totaled 400 yards on just 15 receptions and over 1,400 yards rushing, scoring a total of 18 touchdowns.

That puts him just about anywhere from a skill-position standpoint, but in a perfect world West knows where he'd like to play. "Safety, that's where I would like to play if I can," he said. "I like having the ball in my hands, but I really like to hit."

On paper, the safety position would be more inviting, Nebraska losing their two current starters (Daniel Bullocks and Blake Tiedtke) to graduation. Behind them are a host of players, most having little experience on the field. That's all good for West, but he doesn't have any illusions or personal guarantees, because if he is to play early, he knows exactly what it takes.

"You have to put in the work and show you are ready to go out there," West said. "The coaches said they would look at me and figure out where I would work out best, but just because you know what your position is doesn't mean you are going to get on the field."

"You have to work every day to get there, but playing right away was a goal of mine even before I decided to go to Nebraska. So, now that I know I am going there, I just want to get at it and see what I can do."

That will have to wait, of course, but it won't stop West in the interim from working towards a specific goal. He'll keep working out in the off-season, trying to get bigger, faster, stronger and better than he's ever been before.

And that's before he arrives. Imagine what his goals will be after he's set foot on campus. "There's no limit," West said of his goals once he becomes a Husker. "I know with what they are doing at Nebraska right now, it's something that you want to be a part of. I know I do. I guess I did from the day I was there before."

"I'm just glad that I got that offer, because now I can go back."

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