Royster learned what he needed to know

When you are sitting on 13 offers going into your senior year, the attention has become commonplace. You've heard it all, seen it all and you just want something a little different. That's one of the reasons why running back Evan Royster chose to visit Nebraska. His recruiter was just a little different. In a good way, though, because when it's all about being sold, his recruiter from Nebraska was just telling it like it is.

Phil Elmassian has probably been called a few things over the last two years. One of those things he's definitely not been dubbed, though, is "vague". The Nebraska DB coach isn't one that will beat around the bush, tell you stuff he thinks you want to hear or give you one slogan after another.

He's "real" as the kids like to say and for running back Evan Royster, that's nice. "He's just like talking to a friend," Evan said of Elmassian. "It's not like you are really even talking to a coach. You feel comfortable around him and you feel you can ask him pretty much anything."

That relationship was one of the big reasons Evan chose to officially visit Nebraska this last weekend. It would be the second of his five allowed, the first one having gone to Oklahoma. Being a kid that has become almost desensitized to the glamour and glitz of the recruiting process, West had some clear goals in mind when he stepped onto campus.

"I wanted to see what their academics was like and I got to talk to a lot of advisors and saw how they do things, which was real nice," Royster said. "I wanted to learn basically everything I could, but obviously the academics are important to me."

Royster, already fully qualified (3.1 GPA – 1140 on SAT (old version), was obviously concerned about the student side of the student-athlete equation, but he delved into the athletic side as well, talking once again with the coaches and also with his host, freshman tight end David Harvey.

After it was all said and done, Royster felt he learned what he needed to know. "It was a good trip," he said. "I learned a lot about their academics, the facilities and the things they are planning for the future. I'd say it was a really good visit and they are definitely amongst my top four schools."

As just a little reminder, those schools are Nebraska, Oklahoma, Penn State and Florida.

Evan has been to Oklahoma and Nebraska now. And he will be visiting Penn State January 13th and Florida the following weekend. That takes him almost to the end of January, so with a February 1st signing day on the horizon, he knows that won't leave a lot of time to mull things over with himself and his family.

That said, with the research he's done up to this point, he knows that once the visits are in the bag, it won't take long after that to decide. "I get those done and I'll know what I want to do," Royster said. "I'm just taking everything in right now, looking real close at the things that are important to me, and after all that, I should know exactly what I want to do."

Royster finished the year with 2,170 yards and 31 touchdowns for Westfield high school in Chantilly, Virginia.

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