Waiting on the O.K. to commit

Sometimes it's tough for junior college players. Not all of them are going to schools that are local to their hometowns and more than that some are across the nation already from family. Such is the case for Danzell Issac. Issac just returned from an official to Nebraska and may have been tempted to commit, but without family there needs to get some time to talk to some of them.

Danzell Issac will be packing up and heading home for Christmas a little later this week. He wants to catch up with his mom and discuss a possible commitment to Nebraska before actually pulling the trigger. He tried to reach her last night.

"I think that she went to church tonight so I haven't spoke to her yet," Issac said. "I spoke to my dad though and he said he wants to talk about it when I get home on Wednesday. I think that my last final is on Wednesday and I will be going home for Christmas break."

"I think what I am probably going to do is commit after I get a chance to sit down and talk to my mom. I would say that the chances are very high that I will commit to Nebraska once my mom gets a chance to talk to the counselors and the coaches. I know for a fact that she will like Nebraska and I will go ahead and commit."

The 6-foot-3 and 210 pound Issac could play a number of positions in college given his 4.4/40 speed. He could play linebacker, defensive end and even safety. "Nebraska likes me as an outside linebacker. I played linebacker and some defensive end this year."

This past weekend was a great weekend to take an official visit to Nebraska. There was a players' banquet and you could meet with all of the players very easily. He hung out with a lot of the defensive team members. "I was with Dan Bullocks this weekend as well as Cortney Grixby. Zach Bowman was my host. We hung out with some defensive linemen too. I met a lot of people, but didn't catch a lot of names."

This weekend saw Nebraska get three commitments. Issac said that all of the commits were together all of the time and really connected with them. "I hung out with Ashlee Palmer, D.J. Jones, Victory Haines and just about all of them a little bit."

Issac will not be eligible to transfer until the end of the spring semester. "I can't transfer at semester, I will transfer in May. As of right now I am still on track to transfer in May with a couple of classes I have to take over Christmas."

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