Bynes and Thompson put NU official on hold

Recruiting teammates has been a popular theme for Nebraska this season. Nebraska has four players on their current list of commits that have someone that is also committed from their current school. Nebraska was recently looking at a pair of great athletes from the same school in Florida and had them set up for an official visit. Will they be taking that trip?

The last word that Big Red Report had heard about Herb Bynes and Travius Thompson was that the pair from Lauderdale Lakes (Flor.) Boyd H. Anderson were planning some visits in the month of December. One visit was supposed to take place this weekend to Nebraska.

"No, we aren't visiting," Bynes said. "I thought we had an official set up too, but they told me that they never got our tape. I told them that I sent one off to them and everything."

The two are holding a lot of mutual offers, and could be a package deal. The fact that the official will have to be re-scheduled to Nebraska hasn't changed their thoughts about Nebraska.

"Travius Thompson and me were going to go together, but he isn't going. It's still a team that I am considering."

The coach from Nebraska stated that there was either a miscommunication about the tape or that the tape had been lost. Regardless, it seems that Nebraska can get right back into the hunt for Bynes and Thompson after their film is reviewed.

"Coach Gilmore is the coach recruiting us and he told us this whole time that someone named Bryan was supposed to have it."

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