Rehab not dampening excitement for Young

You know what they say about something being like riding a bike, right? Millard North running back and future Husker Corey Young probably wishes you were talking about riding a bike instead of the situation he's in right now. After tearing an ACL, his second such injury of his brief high school career, he's getting on that bike once again. He came back fine from the last one, though, and he knows that this time will not be any different.

You miss your entire junior year because of an ACL tear, that's probably not something anyone would cherish from their high school football days. After coming all the way back, dealing with five months of rehab, to tear it again right before the state title game, that's just cruel.

That's the position Millard North running back Corey Young is in right now, looking at another five months in rehab from tearing an ACL, but this time on the other knee.

You know what? Young isn't sweating this for one second. "I went through it before, so I know what's going to happen and I know what to do," Young said. "I'm working with the same physical therapist as I did last time, so I know how things should go."

Following the injury Corey was looking at written scholarship offers from schools like Colorado State, Iowa State, Kansas State and Nebraska. It seemed at the time that it would be any school other than the big red. Corey hadn't developed much of relationship with Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan, so he just wasn't sure how he would fit.

Since the injury, though, and right before he committed, he finally did get a chance to sit down with the head coach and that's all he needed and Young had Lincoln in his future. "I just got this feeling that they really cared about their players," Young said. "It felt comfortable, like a place that would just feel better for me to be."

As Young looks upon the next five months, he'll be thinking about a lot of things pertaining to his future, but one thing he won't be thinking about is what position he'll play. Averaging almost 12 yards per carry his senior year at Millard North, the assumption is that he would prefer to get at least a shot at running back first. Corey said that wasn't the case.

"I'll play wherever I fit the best," he said. "We'll just have to find out where that is after I am ready to get back into action."

That's another thing about the five months in that it's going to be long, but monotonous as well. Days turn to weeks – weeks to months, over and over again. That's actually the good part about all this, because Corey says what he's learned from the last time through rehab will help him make this time around easier and more mistake-free. "There were times when I was supposed to do something with my rehab and I just didn't feel like doing it that day," Young said. "I won't do that again this time. When it's time to do something, I am going to do it."

That's the resolve his head coach said that Corey had the first time around. That's the resolve Corey says he has now. And not even wearing red just yet, that's the kind of resolve he has about his future team. From last year to this year and heading into the bowl, he sees what he thinks everyone should see right now.

"The defense has really always been good, but the offense has been picking it up as the season has gone along," Young said. "The coaches just need a little more time and once that west coast gets going, they are going to be hard to stop."

Corey is hoping for another preview of the future Huskers this up-coming bowl game as Nebraska takes on Michigan in the 2005 Alamo Bowl. He knows the kind of obstacle Michigan is, so he knows what a win against them would mean for this team. "It would mean they are back on the map if they win this game," he said. "Michigan beat Penn State, barely lost the other games and they have the reputation."

"It would be big if Nebraska could beat them, because everyone would see that Nebraska's back to being a team you have to be ready for from now on."

Young didn't offer any predictions, just hope that the big red would beat the big blue. He didn't even have any predictions about what he will do once healthy and amongst his future teammates. I guess you could say predictions would only really apply if you didn't know for certain what was going to happen and for Young, at least as far as the rehab goes, he most definitely does.

So, it's not about predictions, rather just confidence knowing that he'll be back at some point and he'll be ready to add his immense cache of talent, speed and tenacity to the rest of his future cohorts in scarlet and cream. He's not sure where, but at this point, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is that he knows where he's going to go.

"It's a good decision for me," Young said. "It felt like a place I would be comfortable at and in the end the coaches did the most out of everyone in letting me know they wanted me to be part of the team."

"So, once I get through the rehab, I'll be excited to get going."

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