Visit to Nebraska chilling for Mitchell

On the second leg of his official visit tour, wide receiver Chris Mitchell stopped into Lincoln to visit the University of Nebraska. His name rising the charts as one of the most solid wideouts from the south, Mitchell is seen as a playmaker and potential early contributor for any team. Did he see himself as that for the Huskers? We asked him about his visit and where Nebraska stands with him right now.

It didn't take long to get wide receiver Chris Mitchell's one indisputable impression from his visit to the University of Nebraska:


"That was the coldest I have ever been in my life," Mitchell said.


Visiting on a weekend shortly after a small snow, the air was crisp, the wind chilling and the Louisiana prep-star took notice. "You don't really know what cold is until you feel something like that," he said.


That might seem a little ironic in that he visited not very long ago the Colorado Buffaloes, but he said Nebraska's chill trumped the weather in Boulder.


But it wasn't weather Mitchell came to see or even feel. It was the team, the atmosphere, the coaches and anything else you could analyze to figure out where the team stood in respect to what he had seen and heard already.


How did they do?


"I'd say it was a seven out of eight," Mitchell said. "I liked the practice they had, I like the offense, because they like to throw the ball and I really like coach (Jay) Norvell."


"The only thing I didn't like was that it was just so cold."


That begs the question about weather and because it was an apparent factor now, would it be a factor down the road, especially with visits to warmer climates coming up like Tennessee, LSU and Miami.


"Yeah, it's a factor," Chris said. "I'm looking at more than that, but I'd say it's a factor."


With his final visit to Miami taking him all the way to the last week of January, Mitchell is obviously not going to have a decision anytime soon. And up to this point, Chris said that he doesn't have any favorites either.


As to where Nebraska stands with the prep star, Mitchell seemed to like just about everything he experienced while there. But, the only thing that he didn't like could be enough that it will be leaving the Huskers in the cold.

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