A twofer for the big red down to one?

As reported by KCMetroSports.com, it would appear that the sole quarterback commit for the Huskers is no longer. Josh Freeman, a commit to Nebraska since June 3rd, is now apparently headed to Kansas State. What does this mean for Nebraska? What does this mean for current commits? What does this mean for a young man that committed with Freeman, wide receiver Menelik Holt?

The news hit like an anvil, the reports coming from a web site, Josh Freeman was no longer a Husker.

Citing a report by KCMetroSports.com, it would appear that guided by his father Ron Freeman, Josh switched his commit from the sea of red to the sea of purple in Manhattan, Kansas.

The rather quick change of direction in the commit came from the hiring of former Virginia offensive coordinator Ron Prince as the new head coach of the Wildcats. The fact that Prince is one of only four African American coaches, seems to have played a significant part.

"Last week, Josh's father allowed Prince to make an in-home visit, because of a "unique situation," that being Prince is one of only four African American head coaches at the Division 1 level.," KCMetroSports reported.

In the Omaha World Herald not even a week before this report, the elder Freeman was reported as being the one that encouraged Josh to take the in-home visit with Prince. "I think it's always good for a kid to see an up-and-coming guy and see what his philosophies are," Ron Freeman told Rich Kaipust of the World Herald. "He was impressive. As he left he thanked us for letting him come over and said, 'I appreciate the opportunity to talk to your son.'"

The article went onto report, though, that Josh Freeman's father said that Josh was still headed to Nebraska.

The timing behind the move is interesting as we now arrive into day two of a recruiting "dead period". That means that it is not permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on- or off-campus or permit official or unofficial visits. This particular dead period does not end until January 2nd.

Timing notwithstanding, one question remains about Freeman's de-commit and that's whether the young man that committed with him would follow suit.

For months, both Freeman and St. Augustine (California) High school wide receiver Menelik Holt had been talking back and forth about possibly going to the same school. Freeman, a highly touted QB and Holt, a rising wideout, who's name was starting to gather steam.

Both agreed and pulled the trigger on the same day, looking forward to playing together in Lincoln.

With Freeman changing his mind, did Freeman also try to get Holt to go with him? "He had asked me a couple of times what I thought of Kansas State," Menelik said. "But he had asked me about a couple of other schools before, too, like Oklahoma and Missouri."

Since Holt's commit to the Huskers, his name has risen even more, the California standout now sitting on approximately 20 offers, where he was sitting on two when Nebraska sent him his written ship. He's had plenty of time to think about his decision, and think about the options he might still have.

Holt said that his options are what they are, but whether Freeman is going to Nebraska or not, he's still planning on joining the big red. "I think things are going to be pretty good at Nebraska," he said. "You've seen how the offense is starting to work and all they need to do is get some more guys in they need for the system."

"I like what's going on there, so I am excited to be a part of it and I'm just planning on doing the best I can."

Asked of Josh's apparent change of mind to KSU, Holt said that he, of course, couldn't speak for Josh, but he thought the situation, at least from a quarterback standpoint, probably made more sense. "Nebraska has two pretty good quarterbacks right now and I don't know what Kansas State has," he said. "I guess he might have figured there wouldn't be the competition for the spot."

As for Holt, he's looking forward to the competition for the wide receiver spot, though, because as he said to us once in an interview right after he committed, he felt the competition is what would make him better. "If it's easy, you don't get any better, so the better the competition, the better that's going to make you," he said. "It makes you work harder, do more and practice as hard as you can, so you can be the guy on the field."

"It really makes getting there feel that much better."

Towards Freeman, though, and all the conversations they had and the dreams they had about playing for the big red, Holt said that he understood and only wishes Freeman the best. "Good luck to him over there," Holt said. "I mean, he knows what's best for him and I guess that's it. I wish him the best and hope everything works out."

"But I know that I am going to Nebraska."

Josh Freeman could not be reached for comment


With the quarterback situation now somewhat bleak, some will say Nebraska didn't absolutely need a QB this year, while others would say that you can't have enough good quarterbacks in the mix.

With Zac Taylor going into his last year and Harrison Beck going into his sophomore year, there doesn't seem to be an urgent need, at least in respect to other positions. The offensive line is still in need of one, maybe even two more commits and the secondary needs some attention as well.

If Nebraska does decide to go after another quarterback, though, the pickings are slim, unless the Husker staff thinks they have a legit shot at Mitch Mustain, which I doubt they seriously do.

Herb Bynes, who Nebraska stopped recruiting, was to come in for a visit along with teammate wide receiver Travius Thompson. The visits were cancelled, however, and at this point, it's not likely they will be rescheduled.

With this reversal of fortune, that would put Nebraska's current commit list at 19.

With current Huskers Matt Slauson and Jacob Hickman counting against this year's class, that puts them at 21. So, if nobody from this class greyshirts, they will have four spots to fill and plenty of positions still needing plenty of attention.

Do you go for a quarterback or can Nebraska take a chance that they will land a good one next season? Big Red Report will keep following this situation as it progresses and keep you up to date.

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