Spilt Milk

I can't tell you how surprised I was to receive the information that Josh Freeman was decommitting last night. Not Josh Freeman! Not, I am 99.8764% committed to Nebraska despite taking in-home visits with Kansas State. He may not have ever said he wasn't committed to Nebraska, but you didn't have the warm and fuzzy that he was a firm commitment either.

I can't really explain to anyone the roller coaster of emotion that I have felt since hearing that Josh Freeman had finally formally decommitted from Nebraska. Maybe some saw this coming. Me? I believed that even after the stories said that he was in Manhattan, Kans. that he wasn't going to end up a Wildcat.

Shame on me.

I started out being a little frustrated over the whole deal. I mean, as a journalist we try to be accurate, but beyond that we can only use the information that we are given. We can develop opinions on it and assume that it might end up a certain way, but with Freeman a formal decommit just didn't seem possible.

I mean, it was last Tuesday that Kansas State was going to be in-house with Freeman. It was that prior Sunday night that Freeman said that he would 'doubt that I end up at Kansas State.' The information being delivered, to everyone it seems, seemed to reflect this idea.

Shame on you.

Commits switching isn't anything new and despite popular opinion right now has actually ended up in Nebraska's favor more than once. Take Joe Dailey, Ryan Schuler, Grant Miller and others were all committed elsewhere before ending up Cornhuskers. The recruiting game views nothing as sacred before the signature is actually on the LOI and even then it is debatable.

So I understand that Kansas State and Freeman were just playing the game. And I can live with that. What I don't understand is the text message and the lack of respect shown by decommitting right before a dead period.

This is a life-changing decision when it comes to choosing a school and a school to play football at. You would also expect that for most kids that this is the biggest decision and most important process that many will have gone through in their young lives.

As a parent you want a child in this situation to go through the entire process. Do the research. Take the visits. Eventually make the decision based on your thoughts and your feelings. But beyond that, stick by it.

Doubt can occur and if it did with Freeman he didn't do a very good job indicating it. Kansas State also has another former Nebraska quarterback recruit in Allen Evridge. Evridge was committed to come to Nebraska and then Frank Solich was let go. Following Solich being let go, Evridge began looking around.

He began to re-open the process following a stimulus that changed the situation at the present school which he was committed to. Only then did he then begin to look around. And that was understandable.

Here, you had Freeman taking in-home visits, reassuring that there was little chance that he would actually listen to Kansas State, then a secret visit to Manhattan and then a text message.

So, let me get this straight. There has basically been two years of recruiting courtship, two summer camps, countless games, one official visit, six months of being committed and one text message saying you decommit and don't call us again. Is that how it works?

When I mentioned that you would hope that your child would make a decision and stick by it I failed to mention one important thing. This decision that has been made had obviously been accepted not just by him, but by another group. That other group are the coaches at the school where he chose to commit.

You might hope that your child make a decision and stands by it, but above all other things you should insist that if some indecision is there or a change of mind has taken place that they then tell them as early and as personally as possible. The treatment is there as young-adults through the entire process you shouldn't be allowed to not act like one and tell the team you were committed to that you are no longer committed.

It is a situation like this that makes you doubt character. But more than that it makes you recognize character. Take Nebraska's Harrison Beck. Beck's situation was, and I stress was, a lot like Freeman's up to about last week. Beck committed to Nebraska very early in the process.

Beyond that, the calls and the recruiting attention never ended for Beck. He received calls and offers from Miami, Florida State, Florida, Michigan and even after being committed for a half a year Mr. Steve Spurrier decided to give Harrison a call. A situation not unlike Freeman, KSU and Prince. Like a rock, Beck was there for Nebraska.

Another thing that people forget, is that Beck beyond all of this was told that he was going to be Nebraska's only quarterback that year. However, the situation at quarterback was a little more bleak than what was first thought and Nebraska decided to recruit another quarterback. Guess who didn't care?

That's right, Harrison Beck.

Know how this all worked? Communication. It didn't break down anywhere in the process. I for one have little side-effect about losing that commit last night. I believe that Harrison deserves to have his team. A team that he pushed a lot a side for. A team that he gave up all for to come from so far away for to command. He deserves it. This may have worked out just fine.

Then you hear that an explanation is going to be delivered over the airwaves about what actually happened. Why? It's happened folks. It's split milk. Want to talk about it? Call the coaches. They deserve it.

When the rollercoaster ended, for me, earlier today it came down to one huge thing. That thing is that Nebraska needs kids that want to be Cornhuskers. They need kids that want to be in Lincoln. You'll never get 100% out of that someone that doesn't want to be there.

Maybe with Freeman out of the picture the quarterback picture becomes clearer, another scholarship becomes open and there isn't someone in Lincoln that doesn't want to be in Lincoln. So be it.

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