Greg McElroy tries to contact Nebraska

With the recent de-commit of quarterback Josh Freeman, the question is now pointing toward whether or not Nebraska has another quarterback they can get. Another question is whether or not there are any quarterbacks out there TO get. There could be a few, but there is definitely one and while he's already a commit to another school, he's not only open to what Nebraska has to say, but he has tried to contact them today.

Throwing for 4,700 yards, completing over 60% of his passes, along with tossing 56 touchdowns on the year, Southlake Carroll quarterback Greg McElroy doesn't have to worry about being wanted.

Actually, he doesn't even have to worry about where he's going as McElroy is currently a commit to Texas Tech. Over the recent weeks, though, while still staying committed to Tech, Greg has been looking at his options or to put it more accurately, looking to see if there were other options out there for him to take. But according to Greg, it's not because he wants to get away from Tech. "I feel really good about my decision to Tech," he said. "I haven't regretted it at all and I think I could do very well there."

"I'm just exploring other possibilities."

The assumption, if only to look at Tech's depth chart and commit list, is to think that opportunity is the issue with McElroy. Touted quarterback Graham Harrell will only be going into this redshirt sophomore season, while Tech has another quarterback committed in this class; 13th ranked Taylor Potts. Greg discounted that assumption, saying that when he committed, he knew what the score was at QB. "There's competition everywhere you go," he said. "You can't be scared of going against guys, because there's always going to be guys going against you. Competition is what makes you better and you really don't appreciate something you don't have to fight for to get."

McElroy has good reason to be confident, leading his Southlake Carroll team to their second consecutive 5A title, but also the second consecutive mythical national title, as voted on by USA Today. In prolific fashion, his team scored almost 800 points in just 16 games.

Out of the spread offense, utilizing four and five wide formations, Greg is confident enough in what he's been able to do, that for him, competition isn't even a consideration. "I feel good about what I have done and what I have learned here," he said. "I have had good coaching, plus good guys on the team, so it's been real easy to learn."

"I think in a system like this, you learn so much that works at the next level, you have to be confident about what you can do."

The system, a spread offense, but one where the offense doesn't huddle. The coach or the quarterback calls the plays at the line. McElroy's ability to run this system and as efficiently as he has, is the byproduct of not only a sharp mind, but someone who is quick on their feet as well. "I know a lot of people think with this offense it's just about one thing, but we do a lot of things," Greg said. "It depends on how the defense is playing us, but we have the capability to utilize a lot of short passes, but we can go deep if needed."

It would seem the only downside to this system is the perception of the system itself, quarterbacks at one level utilizing it, not able to go to the ultimate level with any real success. B.J. Symons, Kliff Kingsbury, Josh Heupel – all quarterbacks that have played in an offense similar to this in its wide-open attack, and none have made even a marginal impression playing the pro-style offenses of the NFL.

Greg feels that it comes down to the actual quarterback, not the system, that dictates what translates and what doesn't. "I think if you are smart, can make your reads effectively and are accurate with your passes, that translates to any offensive system," he said. "There's so much that goes into making it to the next level, but if you can do some key things well, I think a quality quarterback can play anywhere."

That's good, because as Greg at least explores his options, he's now being looked at by a variety of schools that don't run offenses very similar to Texas Tech. One of those schools is the University of Nebraska. Two days ago Nebraska wasn't looking, but a de-commit later and all of a sudden the big red seems to have the help wanted signs out once again.

When McElroy became aware of the situation, he knew he would have some interest and today he actually tried to reach coaches in Lincoln. "I tried to call coach Gilmore, but he wasn't around. I will probably try him again later this week," Greg said.

Now don't misunderstand Greg's intentions when he says he's interested in Nebraska. He didn't grow up a Husker fan and he doesn't have friends or even relatives, who have for years tried to sell him on the big red. In truth, he doesn't know all that much about the Huskers, but even at this stage he's open to learn. "I'm interested, but the only thing I really know about Nebraska is that they switched from the option to this new offense, where they pass the ball a little more," Greg said. "Other than that, I don't really know anything else."

Greg doesn't have to worry about having official visits, should he decide to take some as he has all five of his allowed visits left. He also doesn't have to worry necessarily about where he would like to visit, because there seems to be a variety of schools interested. What he does have to worry about, though, is time, and with about six weeks remaining in the recruiting season, that doesn't give him much in deciding what he ultimately wants to do.

Again, though, for him there's no pressure at all. "Like I said, I am very comfortable withy going to Tech, so if there's where I go, that's great," Greg said. "I'm just looking around to see if there is something else that would fit me a little better."

"It's not about record or anything like that either. I am just looking to see how it feels. If it feels good, it's something I might take a look at a little closer, but if it doesn't, that's not bad either. I know I am at a good place right now."

McElroy said that he'll look at where he wants to take his visits, if any, and of the schools that could be candidates for his services, Nebraska falls in there along with Alabama as well as most of the teams he was considering before he committed to the Red Raiders.

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