I got the phone call tonight two hours before kickoff with a blind point of view that Nebraska would win by four. Blind in terms of not knowing that Hart was 100% and that Zac Taylor may have been suffering from the effects of the flu all week. I appreciated the call and appreciated the view, but more than that I didn't believe.

I was wrong. A logical person tonight couldn't have pointed at a single match-up and said that we honestly had a huge advantage here. More than that, a person couldn't say that when you added up a mis-match or a bunch of mis-matches that Nebraska would win.

The line was 12 or 13 when it opened in favor of Michigan. A line that was the among the largest in all of the bowl games. You know that those handicappers must have known something. More than you just knowing it, you feared it. I did.

I told my buddy that I appreciated his optimism and that I had broke down the match-ups the best that I could and took everything official and unofficial into consideration and didn't think that we would win.

I'll take my serving of crow, please.

What a game. Beyond it all it was a great game by both teams. However, one thing proved to be the deciding factor and that was heart and resiliency, as Coach Bill Callahan put it in the post-game interview, of his team.

This season has been a roller-coaster. A roller-coaster in the win-loss column, a roller coaster on the score board of each game and a roller-coaster of emotion. I never would have guessed that it would have come to an end with an victory over Michigan.

We were out-gunned and out-matched, but we were never out-coached. I don't know how many, if any, would have thought that tonight's hero receiving the ball would have been Terrence Nunn. It certainly wouldn't have been me.

I have been one of his toughest critics. He has made some impossible catches, but let some of the easy ones go. It was tough to feel confident that a ball would be caught every time that a ball was thrown in his direction.

Personally, I am not sure if I am more surprised the way that the game ended than it began. I did not believe that we were capable of a big play against Michigan like we had in the 52-yard touchdown pass to Nunn in the first scoring drive.

At that point, and after the touchdown to Nunn was overturned in the third, the touchdown 13-yard touchdown pass to Nunn in the third was fitting. But what happened after that?

The last play was just bizarre and I am sure that Michigan fans will be hollering about the Nebraska players being on the field as loud as they might be of the possible pass interference, no-call with Zach Bowman. Both were good no-calls.

This is the way that I see it, the officiating tonight was just downright awful. Does Carr have a reason to be upset in using up all of his timeouts to earn a review? Yes. However, there were just as many no-calls that went in their favor.

All season long I cried about not getting holding calls for out defensive linemen and tonight was no exception. In the middle and on the edges our defensive linemen were held more so than any other game. When a one on one match-up proved too much for a Michigan lineman they tried tackling our lineman.

With those no-calls though you have to recognize the heroes tonight. The defensive line that never let up and never let a no-call get to them. They kept up constant pressure. Terrence Nunn who many talked about not having the type of year that they anticipated. For Cory Ross and the Nebraska coaching staff that said that the running game was gone.

But most of all, this was one of the most entertaining collegiate football games that I recall watching in a long time. Momentum changing from one side to another was common throughout the game. Big performances after bad plays like with the consecutive passes that went for interceptions with Taylor and the dropped pass that might have been a touchdown for Nunn.

This team did not quit. Through it all, even after a lot of people had given up watching the game, the players and the coaches did not. A fact that Kirk Herbstreit noted in some of his closing comments of the football game.

Be positive Husker Nation. There is direction with the Nebraska program. These coaches know where they are going despite there being some times where it appears that you might question that they might not. Patience is the key. They might have earned that patience tonight from a lot of critics.

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