Firmly committed, but...

One of the big pieces to the recruiting puzzle fell into place when Cruz Barrett decided to commit to Nebraska. The tackle position has become a well-known need position at Nebraska and Barrett wanted to take advantage. Up to that point, it was a clear picture for Barrett to end up in Lincoln, but then a couple of offers came in.

Following his commitment to Nebraska, Cruz Barrett received two in-state offers. In-state offers that he might have been waiting on before the Nebraska commitment. The 6-foot-5 and 310-pound lineman from Daytona Beach (Flor.) Mainland was last rumored to possibly be looking around.

"Florida State and Florida came in an offered after I committed to Nebraska," Barrett said. "It isn't doing anything to me though, I am 100% committed (to Nebraska). That's right."

The timing of the phone call between Big Red Report and Barrett was convenient because it followed the Alamo Bowl victory for Nebraska over Michigan. Cruz Barrett was watching.

"Yeah I was watching! I got a little scared on that last play. I got really worried. I am glad that someone was out there to tackle him. It was a good game."

Besides the chaotic last play, Barrett had a chance to really reflect on how he could see himself fitting into the Nebraska offense. "That is what I was doing. When the announcers were talking they were saying that they needed offensive tackles and what not and I was just talking to my people saying 'Don't worry, I'm on my way'."

While Barrett claims that he is on his way to Nebraska, it may include a stop or two before actually getting to Nebraska. The situation isn't easy. It was a childhood dream to play for Florida State and there is the pressures of staying in-state. The offer to Cruz sort of struck a nerve.

"That (Florida State) was the team that I always wanted to go to. Ever since people found out that I picked up the offer from them everybody is talking to me about staying in-state. I just tell them that I am going to Nebraska. They don't understand why I am going. It's easy explaining it to them why I am going to go to Nebraska. I have my mind set."

"Even if I was going to take an official to Florida State, I wouldn't commit. I don't think that people understand that. People think that I would go up there and change my mind and I wouldn't. I haven't talked to the coach at Nebraska about the possible visit to Florida State. They know that Florida State wants me to go up there. Just to go up there and visit, I would. But to go up there and commit, I wouldn't. I am 100%."

"I'm not sure if I will take that official or not. It's not like I am not sure if I will go to Florida State or not. I know that I am not (going to Florida State)."

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