The next QB target for Nebraska

As Nebraska goes on their search for another quarterback, trying to replace the spot opened up as former Husker commit Josh Freeman opted for less competition and chose to head to Kansas State. This late in the recruiting process, the Huskers would have to find a quarterback that didn't mind competition and had everything they were looking for in the first place. They have found a variety of candidates and the best one might have been one of those playing in the Califlorida Bowl today.

Notre Dame high school's Garrett Green will remember the Califlorida Bowl perhaps for the rest of his life. It's the game where the best players from the Golden State and the Sunshine State converge.

With names like Tim Tebow, Shareece Wright and Allen Bradford in attendance, it SHOULD have been one of the more exciting prep football games of the year. What it ended up being was sloppy.

Not because of nervous players mind you, but the weather. Amidst a game-long downpour, just moving the ball was a task in and of itself. "Yeah, it was really messy out there," Green said of the conditions. "The ball wasn't easy to handle and footing wasn't great either. But they had the same conditions as we did, so you just have to play through those kinds of things."

Green, one of the quarterbacks of the California squad, was obviously talking about the Florida squad, who ended up winning the game 20-0. Despite the outcome, though, and the frustration of the conditions, Green was just happy to be part of the all-star experience. "You get a chance to go against some of the best in the country," he said. "That's an honor to be part of that. I'd like to have seen better weather, but I'll remember the experience as something I was glad to be a part of."

Green getting to this game wasn't much of a process for those deciding who the best out of the state of California were. Yes, there were the big names like Wright, Bradford and Mouton, but Green has some pretty impressive credentials of his own: Try two losses in his four seasons at the helm for the "Knights". Add to that the fact that he's been over 60 percent in completions over the last two. Green averaged over 10 yards per carry this year and his touchdown to interception ratio is almost three to one (14 TD, 5 INT).

If that's not enough, he's 6 foot, 2 inches tall, weighs approximately 205 pounds and he's got grades good enough to get him into Harvard………..right now.

Hello? Anyone need a quarterback?

Well, just so happens Nebraska is looking around for one, recently having lost their one QB commit Josh Freeman, who opted to wear purple in his future, because the quarterback competition is apparently not as stiff in Manhattan as it is in Lincoln.

And it just so happens that not long ago, they recently started looking at him. "We haven't talked a lot, but they let me know that they are interested and I think they are going to be coming down in January," Green said. "I don't know a lot about them right now, but I know that I am definitely interested in listening to what they have to say."

If you want to describe Green as a QB, he's definitely a dual-threat. He's got solid speed, running a reported 4.5/40, but he's got the arm, too. Garrett has ran for more than 200 yards in a game, and has passed for over 200 in a game as well. \

Basically, what you need, that's what he's willing to do.

"I just do what is needed for us to have a chance to move the ball down the field," Green said. "If that means running, I'll run, if it's passing, I'll pass. I'd like to think that I have the versatility to do whatever is necessary to win games."

Just from a mental standpoint, this kid is the real deal. You figure in his athleticism, he's worth the look and schools like Harvard, Ole Miss, Kansas State, San Diego State and Texas A&M have already done that, offered, and are awaiting to see what he does.

Green is waiting, too, but it isn't to make a decision, but to figure out just what are all the options he has. It would seem they are growing with the most recent addition of Nebraska, but they haven't offered just yet. "It sounds like they are going to, but they haven't yet," Green said. "After they visit in January, if everything works out right, I'll take a visit there and we'll just see how it goes."

The one visit Green has made was to Harvard, a place where he has been told he is in if he wants to attend. That's hard to pass up for anyone, but for Green, it's going to come down to more than one thing for him. "I'm looking for the best combination of academics and football," Garrett said. "Obviously Harvard is a great place and a degree from there is the best degree you can get. But, I want to look at my options, see everything and figure out where's the best fit for me."

Nebraska's continuing the process of trying to find a replacement for the quarterback that went for easier pastures to graze. They want someone that isn't one that follows that same philosophy. Quite the opposite in fact, the Huskers looking for someone that won't just look at the competition and still go forward, but someone that will say that there's no reason they still can't be on top.

Garrett Green could be that young man.

"You win with the help of others, but you still have to be willing to do everything you need to do to win," he said. "I think our record speaks for itself and the people involved that have helped to make that happen."

"I'm glad to say that I have helped to make some of that possible and that's what I want to do at the next level."

Green said that he is excited about the opportunity to look at Nebraska, but will take them as he has everyone else: in stride and with a ton of scrutiny. If he's anything, Green is exacting to a tee. And he'll be that until the day comes that he decides where he's going to go. Until then, everything is up in the air.

"I am keeping a totally open mind right now about everything and every single team," Green said. "There's so many great places that have so much to offer, it just takes time to look at them all."

"Once I have and I am satisfied that I have learned all I need to learn about each school I am interested in, I'll feel comfortable about making my decision. I guess we'll just have to wait until then to see what that decision will be."

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