"I am going to commit to Nebraska..."

Nebraska has surprised a few in their official visits and sneaking in a visitor that maybe wasn't expected or that up to that Friday no one had heard of. There is one that came in one of the last officials of the year and had a great visit and even spoke about committing. What was needed was time to talk about it with family over Christmas. What is the verdict?

Nebraska went and are trying to get another former teammate of a current player. Last year, Danzell Issac was at New Mexico Military Institute with Zac Bowman. Then his coach took a job at Eastern Arizona Junior College and followed him. Where is he now?

"I am in Florida right now," Issac said. "I came home for Christmas. It's nice and hot. I am loving life right now."

When Big Red Report caught up with Issac following his official it was obvious that he was impressed with Nebraska. The problem was that he needed someone there on the trip with him to make the commit or wait to go home and talk to family. Since going home what are his thoughts?

"I am going to commit to Nebraska, but I am not committing yet. Some of my coaches told me that the Michigan State coaches are planning on coming down on January 4 to see me and my mom. I am supposed to be taking a visit up there the 13th through the 15th."

When it comes to what Issac knows about Michigan State right now it is obvious he doesn't know a lot, but he is looking to get that information. "I don't really know too much about Michigan State, the school and that is what I am waiting on with the coaches and to take my visit up there to see how it is."

When it comes to comparing the two programs Issac has a clear favorite. "I would rather go to Nebraska because they have a better program than Michigan State. They seem to go to a bowl game every year and Michigan State falls off every year, but they come back."

Issac was tuned in on Wednesday night to see Nebraska beat another Michigan school. He had some thoughts about the game. "Yeah I watched Nebraska in the bowl game. They did good, real good. Defensive-wise they did really good. On offense they struggled a little bit, but they pulled it off at the end though."

Issac has the speed that you would like to have at all positions and at 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds he could line up at a lot of different spots including linebacker or safety possibly. "They are looking at me as a linebacker, mostly. I have the speed to play safety if I need to."

There have been questions surrounding Issac's academic situation and Issac is looking to get out of school as soon as possible. He is doing the best to take care of business. "Hopefully I can get out in May, if I get everything straightened out. I am having to take some classes on-line and at worst I will have to take a couple of classes over the summer. At latest, it would probably be mid-summer."

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