Hoping to be a Husker?

Every recruit wants that feeling on their official visit, wherever it is they go. It's that feeling of knowing this is the place to be. The atmosphere feels great, the players are great and the coaches are people you know you want to play for, for the next four or five years. Every recruit wants that feeling on their official visit, especially the one that will be making his official visit to Nebraska next weekend. He wouldn't mind leaving Lincoln a Husker.

It's not really climactic to say that when a recruit heads out on their official visit, they'd like to be blown away. Whether it's the campus, facilities, academics, players, coaches or everything, when they leave that campus, they just want to know that's the place to be. It's not any different for El Paso, Texas wide receiver Will Henry. As he thinks about his impending visit, Will has expectations, but more than anything, hope.

"Everyone already knows about Nebraska and what kind of program it is," he said. "It's one of the best in the country, so that's not what I am really looking at when I take my visit. What I care about is how I get along with the players, the coaches and what it's like at the University."

As it is with most youngsters that have grown up outside of the state of Nebraska, their memories of the big red usually prompt thoughts of option football, big offensive lines and quarterbacks that can run. Henry is excited that his most recent memories of Nebraska fall in line with what he's looking for in the future. "They are a passing team and that's what I like," Henry said. "They run four-wide sets a lot and they really spread the ball out, so it's hard for defenses to key on just one thing."

"I like that, because while I don't mind double-teams, because I am used to them, you don't have to worry about being the focus of the secondary, because you don't know where the ball is going on the next play."

Henry's excitement started to build for Nebraska not really all that long ago. Just a few weeks ago Nebraska asked him to take an official to see the big red. It was an official that was shortly thereafter postponed. Henry said that the Husker coaches, concerned with making sure he knew what the situation was, didn't want Will to visit until their current recruiting picture cleared up as far as other receivers they had on the board.

The picture has evidently cleared up some, because wide receiver coach Ted Gilmore was in Henry's house today, making sure he was set to make his trip to Lincoln. Gilmore also wanted to let Henry know that if he did come to Nebraska, he would be in some good company.

"Coach Gilmore was telling me about some of the other receivers they already have coming in, that it was a great group and we were guys they saw as people that would be able to contribute right away," Will said. "That's exciting, because the more weapons you have in an offense like this, the harder it is for defenses to figure out just what they want to stop."

Already commits to Nebraska, there is size aplenty and speed to go around. The Huskers' first commit at the position; Menelik Holt, is young, but his 6 foot, 4 inch frame, coupled with this great route-running ability and good hands, make him ideal for this offense. Add to him the junior college phenom Maurice Purify, who is amongst the best receivers in the country this year, using his 6 foot, 4 ½ inch frame and 4.5 speed to abuse opponents, Purify going off for over 1,200 yards, scoring 17 times.

If Henry would add his name to that list of future Huskers, he would add his formidable frame, Will standing 6 foot, 6 inches tall, weighing around 198 pounds. Henry used that to his advantage this season, totaling close to 1,000 yards receiving, averaging almost 17 yards a catch, scoring 12 touchdowns.

When you include them with the solid group of receivers the Huskers have right now, that's a lot of potential and that's just what Henry looks for in a team. "I look at that probably more than anything," he said. "I look at how a team acts, but I also look at what I think they are going to do in the future."

"Nebraska is still getting the hang of this change of offense and look at what they are doing. This team just has a great future."

Nebraska does have some competition for Henry as he's been offered by UTEP, New Mexico State and Texas Tech. The Red Raiders are famous for receivers who put up gaudy stats and have catches galore. As Henry talked about in our last update with him, though, he looks at a lot more than numbers. "You look at what their (Tech's) receivers do at the next level, where are they?" Henry questioned. "Nebraska runs a system straight out of the NFL and that really prepares you for the future."

There's a sense of certainty as to what Will would like to happen when he trips to Lincoln on the 13th. It's that thing that all recruits would like to happen at some point of the recruiting process. Even with those wishes, Henry said that he's got an open mind and eyes as he'll take a good hard look before he does anything concrete. "I've talked about the possibility (of committing to Nebraska), but it all comes down to the visit and everything that I see and hear. I'm really excited about the visit and I have some high hopes, but until that visit is over, you don't know anything for certain."

Henry does know one thing, though, and that is when he looks at Nebraska, he doesn't see a team rebuilding, nor does he see a team that will next year be in season-three of their offensive transition. He sees something else entirely. "I don't know why you can't talk about a national title with them," he said. "Look at how much they have done already, and they are supposed to be still rebuilding."

"You look at the talent they have there and the great class they have coming in, it's going to be a great team and I know I wouldn't mind being a part of that. So, we'll see."

We'll touch base with Will after his official visit to Nebraska to see how everything went and to see if he will indeed get that feeling and put his name along side that of Purify and Holt as those of future Huskers.

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