Okung eliminates one, eyes two visits

Nebraska went deep into the heart of Texas and found a hidden gem. Nebraska got Russell Okung to come up and take an official visit to Nebraska and left impressed. The problem was he didn't have a basis for comparison. Since then Okung has taken another visit and has since eliminated a team. Who did he eliminate?

Russell Okung could come in and play a number of positions at a division one school. Some like him along the offensive line, some on the defensive line and others as a tight end. Okung who is 6-foot-5 and 260 pounds has two officials under his belt now and liked one a lot more than the other.

"I went to Nebraska and one to Oklahoma State," Okung said. "I really liked the visit to Nebraska, but when I got back from Oklahoma State I realized that I had a much better time there than in Nebraska."

When it comes down to the visits it was the overall comfort that Okung says was the biggest difference. He noted that there seemed to be some cliques that were there among the players at one school and them all being a family at another.

"Overall, I just felt more comfortable there. The athletes and the players there were more of a family and all got along great. At Nebraska there were more like in groups."

Since the Oklahoma State visit he has eliminated Nebraska. "I figured that I liked Oklahoma State that much more than Nebraska and I didn't want to be hanging around for them. They needed to give someone else who could go up there on that scholarship. I told Nebraska I wasn't interested."

Beyond just looking at Oklahoma State, Okung has this weekend off but has official visits for the last two weekends of January. He will make a decision some time following those visits. "I have set a visit to Oklahoma and to LSU. I have visits set for the 20th and 27th. After that I will have my decision."

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