Evan Royster now down to two

Less than a month away from signing day, recruits are narrowing their lists more and more each week. Running back Evan Royster is doing the same. In fact, from our conversation last night, Royster said it's down to two teams that he'll be looking at for the future. Did Nebraska make the cut?

Chantilly, Virginia's Evan Royster has tried to keep his options as open as he can throughout the recruiting process. He's visited schools, gotten to know coaches and done as much research as he can. At this point Evan should have had a narrowed list of those schools that made the cut. He does, but for him, some of his cuts weren't necessarily due to his lack of interest.

"Oklahoma signed somebody I guess and I haven't talked to them in a month," Royster said of one of those schools that still had a place on his list of favorites. "Florida did, too, and it's been about a month and half since I have talked to them."

For some time, Oklahoma and Florida have existed on Royster's list of top four schools, joined by Nebraska and Penn State. And now, Royster said it's Nebraska and Penn State.

Evan has already visited Nebraska, but will visit Penn State on the 13th of this month. Asked if at this point there was anything that separated the two, Royster said that from what he has learned and especially experienced with the coaching staffs of both programs, those two are currently in a dead heat.

"Both those schools recruit you, but they know not to lay on a lot of pressure or call you, almost harassing you," Royster said. "They just seem to know when to back off and just give a guy some space."

"That's nice, because some don't do that. They just keep going at you, I guess until you either commit or tell them you aren't interested in them anymore."

In the process of doing the research on both programs, Evan has explored the depth charts at running back for each. Competition doesn't mean anything to him, but given the choice of going somewhere where there is ten running backs and a place there might be only three, that could change a person's point of view.

To that end, Royster sees some similarities with both the Nittany Lions and the Huskers. "Nebraska has a couple of older guys like Marlon Lucky, but I think that's about it," Evan said. "Penn State has more running backs, but I think a couple of them are walk-ons."

There is another player that could be added to the Penn State roster, someone the Nittany Lions are now recruiting as a running back, whereas they were recruiting him at one point as either a safety or a DB.

Ranked as one of the top defensive backs in the country, A.J. Wallace has came out and said that it's down to Ohio State and Penn State, mostly due to the fact that they are recruiting him as a running back only. Basically every other school, including Nebraska and Florida State – the two other teams he just dropped, were recruiting him as either as a safety or DB.

Wallace is expected to announce his decision during the U.S. Army All-American game on January 7th. The question begs to be asked: if it's Penn State, what effect will that have on Royster? "It's not that big of a deal to me," Evan said. "Competition is competition, so it won't mean all that much if he does."

What does mean a lot are the relationships he's developed with both programs over the long months of recruiting. The phone calls, in-home visits and letters have all left a lasting impression. Royster said that regardless of which school it was between Penn State and Nebraska, he really didn't see how he could go wrong.

"They are both great programs with great coaches and they care about the people that come there," Royster said. "No matter where I go, I know it's going to be a great place. That's what will make the decision so hard."

"Both would be great places to be."

Following Royster's visit to Penn State, he said that it wouldn't be long after that when he made his decision. He said that you could expect it either mid to late-January.

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