Texas Junior checks out Huskers

Many are focused on the letter of intent day that is rapidly approaching. The coaches are on the road and are in the final phases of this year's class, but when juniors want to come down to your bowl game then it is something special. This running back from Austin (Texas) Westlake had some good company to get him a good look at Nebraska.

Max Minor was at the Alamo Bowl to check out Nebraska versus Michigan. The 5-foot-9 and 175 pound running back from Austin (Texas) Westlake had some interesting views of the game.

"That game was insane," Minor said. "I go to Texas games all the time, but the Michigan players were just abnormally huge. It was a great game."

Minor was accompanied by a former Nebraska graduate assistant that is now in Austin and had got to know Minor personally. "Steve Foster and I are really good friends and we have lunch every now and then. He told me about the Alamo Bowl and invited me down there. We went to the things before hand and stayed for the ceremony a little while after the game."

Minor was sure to check out Nebraska and he saw some things that he liked and some things that inspired him. "What I really liked about Nebraska was their offense. I liked Cory Ross a lot. I mean he's like 5-foot-6 and I'm not a huge guy either. He's a huge inspiration to me. They're a Big XII team and I like the Big XII all the way around."

Westlake's season didn't go as long as what they wanted it to, but Minor's season was even shorter. An injury cut his season short. He tried to make it back for the playoffs, but just couldn't go.

"We lost in the first round to Pflugerville. The season, personally, was going great through seven games. I had 1,022 yards rushing through those seven games and then I blew my ankle out against Bastrop. That ended it for me and the last four games. I was having a really good season. I played one play against Pflugerville and it didn't just work out."

While Minor only got in seven games he put up some solid stats and had enough games under his belt to still bring in some honors. The seven games was also enough to at least get one in-state team looking at him this early in the process. "I received second team all-district and honorable mention all-CENTEX. Just recently I got some information from UTEP. That is pretty much it."

When it comes to describing Minor's ability he has a unique strength that very few, not only other running backs, have on the football field. "Definitely it would be my ability out of the cuts to get faster. Some guys have to slow down to make cuts and I can cut at full speed and actually get faster. I have great vision too."

Westlake will be loaded this year. In fact, Minor may be one of three or four players that by this summer could be getting consistent contact from Nebraska. Minor and the quarterback at Westlake are good friends and are making a lot of the same plans for this summer.

"Definitely I am going to do a lot of camps with our quarterback, Nick Foles. I am also going to do the seven on seven thing with Nick. We did that last summer and it really showed in our timing this year. It was just awesome. It directly went to the season."

While there are camp plans and seven on seven, Minor has some specific things that he would like to work toward the rest of the school year and this summer. Most of his goals involve him gaining strength and size. Most of all, he wants to make up for lost time on the field.

"Personally I want to get up to about 180 before the end of this school year. I would like to get up to 185 before the season. I want to make up for the last four games. I just dropped off of the face of the season and I just want to work really, really hard and have a good season. I still have things to show."

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