Jobe ready to take off

If speed was enough to yield offers then Staton Jobe would be sitting on offers from every team in America. He has a blistering 40-time, but what makes Jobe more attractive is that he is a great student and also could play on either side of the ball. He is still looking for his first offer, but it could be on it's way any day.

Staton Jobe is just waiting. Waiting for that offer and a chance to go out and play college football. He was a two-way starter this year for Austin (Texas) Westlake and at 6-foot-0 and at 175 pounds he also has a 34-inch vertical jump.

"I played some safety, running back and some wide receiver," Jobe said. "I basically started on offense and defense. Me and another player rotated on defense so I didn't have to go the whole time."

"On offense I had 44 receptions for 1,003 yards and 14 touchdowns. On defense I forgot how many tackles, one interception and a bunch of pass break ups. I was first team all-district wide receiver and I was honorable mention all-state as a receiver."

When you see Jobe play one thing stand out immediate. That thing is speed and a lot of it. "My 40-time is pretty consistently a sub-4.4 and in the 4.37 range. My fastest time ever was at the Duke camp over the summer and I ran a 4.28."

"I camped at Duke, Texas, Texas Tech, and Virginia this summer. Right now it is still mostly talking to people. The military academies want me to come play for them. The other division one schools are telling me it's going to come down to the end and they would have a better idea in January. Those teams are Duke, Virginia, Purdue, Colorado State, SMU and a couple of others are still talking to me."

Jobe hasn't really received anything from Nebraska up to this point. He is receiving some urging from a former graduate assistant at Nebraska to be proactive about his situation and Nebraska. "I really haven't received anything from Nebraska. Steve Foster and I have spoke about Nebraska and he would like me to send my film in to Nebraska. He was going to get me the address."

"Nebraska is definitely a school that it would be a lot of fun to play football for. I have never had a chance to take a visit there before, but I know that they have sold out all of their games for a long time and they have a great football atmosphere. I would love to get in a visit. I watched them against Michigan. It was pretty awesome. It was a great game."

Westlake already has two players that are committed this year to play division one football this year and Jobe could make it three any day. Next year, Westlake could easily have that many as well. Jobe is friends with the Westlake standouts at quarterback and tackle.

"Me and Nick Foles are really good friends. He is a stud. We were 9-2 overall. We lost in the first round. We had a good regular season. Matt Nader is another junior that is there that is really awesome. He already has offers."

Obviously, Jobe believes that his speed is his biggest strength. However, he did say beyond his speed he has great football ability. "I'd say definitely my speed and my consistency. I'll pretty much catch any and every ball that you would throw at me. I know that I am a bit under-sized, at 6-foot-0, but I play big and I go up to get the ball."

When it comes to playing football in college Jobe is pretty open to which position to play. Beyond position preference he just wants the chance. "I would play anywhere that a school would put me. I just want the chance to play at the next level."

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