Will Wilson End Up A Husker?

Nebraska has gone out and got some top junior college talent to come in and immediately help next year. While they may not have the same quantities as last year for junior college players they definitely have the quality. There is one more junior college player that Nebraska would love to get committed and according to his coach it seems like a very good chance.

Kenny Wilson and the rest of Butler (Kans.) C.C. is still out on Holiday Break. The 6-foot-0 and 215 pound running back was rumored to have committed to Nebraska only to have that story be proven false, but still had potential.

Wilson visited Nebraska on November 11 and obviously came away from the visit impressed. Coach Flores was one of the first people to catch up with Kenny that week after his official to Nebraska. He brought Big Red Report up to date with what is going on with Kenny.

"I think that he is going cancel the Tennessee visit and Florida is supposed to be the 20th," Coach Flores said. "They haven't been able to get in contact with him and I think that he has dropped them off of his list. That is not going to be one of the schools that he chooses from."

The rumors were definitely floating the Wilson was a Nebraska commit, but it wasn't so. Coach Flores confirmed that to be true again, but had some very positive words about where Kenny might be leaning.

"He is leaning heavily towards Nebraska, but he is not committed. He is as close to being committed (to Nebraska) without being committed I guess you could say. If that makes any sense."

In an earlier interview, Coach Flores had some very encouraging words to say not only about Wilson on the field, but off. "He's an amazing player and an amazing person. He has a great work ethic. When he is healthy and he's at practice the tempo of our practice is so much better for us."

Many have seen Wilson's size on paper and believe that he might be a candidate to move to fullback. Coach Flores doesn't believe that. "He's a tailback. He's not a fullback. He has great speed, great strength. He has really good vision. He has good hands. He can do everything."

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