Hollywood Still Looking At Five

He's been pretty quiet, but that doesn't mean that he has been active. Greg Davis needed some time to escape from it all and the Christmas break did just that. Now, he is off this weekend and then is set to see the last two schools on his list. How are things comparing so far and when is a decision expected?

Greg Davis was enjoying some time off. Some time at home. Some time to chill with mom. He normally is home to see his mom only about once a month, but just had a great chance to catch up for a long school year.

"It was nice," Davis said. "I am a couple of hours from my home here at school. I only get home about once a month. College shouldn't be a huge adjustment for me. I am kind of used to being away now."

The season has come and gone for Davis and Dyke (Virg.) Blue Ridge. "The season went out good. We finished 7-2. I finished with 70 tackles, seven interceptions and 28 catches for like 400 yards. I was first team all-conference, first team all-state and defensive player of the year. I lined up as safety and a little cornerback. On offense I played wide receiver."

Davis has been on three official visits so far. He has had plenty of chances to sit back and think about what stood out to him the most about each visit.

"I have been to Nebraska, NC State and Virginia. The visit to Nebraska was cool. The stadium was crazy. Everyone was really cool there. NC State was real good too. They came into my top five because of their defense. Me and Coach Amato are cool. Virginia was cool. Coach Groe was just at my school. He was waiting for me and my mother."

Davis has his last two visits set and has an idea when a decision will follow. "I have to West Virginia and Tennessee. I go to West Virginia on January 13 and to Tennessee on January 20. After that I am done and I will make my decision. I will make my decision a couple of days after my visit. We will sit down and talk about them and make a decision."

When it comes to making the decision it will really focus on one big thing. "Pretty much I am looking for a place where I can go and play early. A place that has a good academic program. Really, the biggest is a place that I can go and play to tell you the truth."

All of the schools that Davis is looking at, besides Nebraska, is geographically a lot closer. Is that a big knock on Nebraska? "Not in my eyes, but probably in my mother's. I know that my mom wants to watch me play. I know that she wants me to stay close to me. In my eyes, it doesn't matter to me as long as I can play football."

While Davis has taken three visits and knows where the last two are he hasn't narrowed anything down beyond his top five. He will remain open until the visits are complete. "No, not really. I am pretty much giving them all an equal chance until I finish my next two visits."

The Nebraska contact is as strong as ever, but a lot of teams are still contacting Davis. Even teams that are contacting him for the first time. "Coach E is recruiting me from Nebraska. We are still talking and getting mail. It's been hectic. Everyone is trying to get in with things winding down. I am staying in contact with all of the coaches."

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