Huskers showing interest in top '06 OL

Austin (Texas) Westlake is rich in football tradition. There are very few "down" years for Westlake and next year could be a great one. They have a strong core of juniors returning and it is led by standouts at quarterback, running back and offensive line. The lineman may be the best of the three and is already holding onto some very nice offers.

Remember the name: Matt Nader. He has been one of the leaders on the Austin (Texas) Westlake team the past two years and is already getting ready for his senior year. The season went "O.K." according to Nader.

"The season went alright," Nader said. "We lost in the first round to Pflugerville. That was Antwan Cobb."

"We do grade outs, but I am not sure that we do pancakes. I couldn't tell you what I graded out at. I was first team all-district, academic all-district, second team all-state and first team all-CENTEX."

Nader is 6-foot-6 and 295 pounds as a junior. He is about to "tie" a pretty impressive feat at Westlake. A feat that just took place a year or two ago, but hasn't happened very often before that.

"This was my second year starting at Westlake and it will be my third next year. It's happened the year before, but before that I am not sure it has ever happened at Westlake. I will be the only senior next year to be a three year starter. It is rare at Westlake."

You look at Nader on paper and immediately think that size would be the biggest strength. When it comes down to breaking down Nader by Nader though he says that it is his explosiveness and footwork that are his strengths.

"I'd say it's my explosiveness off of the ball and good footwork. I would say that I am stronger at run blocking than pass blocking. I love them both, but I guess run blocking requires you to be more aggressive and that is what I like to do. I like to do them both though."

It hasn't even reached his senior year yet and Nader is already holding some pretty impressive offers. He is also getting mail from some of the best teams in the nation.

"I have offers already. They are from Duke, Texas Tech, Texas A&M and LSU. I am getting mail from Miami, Texas, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, and Vanderbilt. Those are at least the ones that come to mind."

Nader doesn't take any time off. While some players get one trainer, Nader has two. "I actually have a trainer, really there is two. I have one that trains me on my foot work, speed work and agility and then I have another trainer that is just weight lifting. I do the foot work and agility all year round, he is a family friend, and he really helps me out."

Nader has some areas that he would still like to improve in despite him already getting considerable division one interest. "I will be working on my strength, speed and agility."

Growing up in Austin one would think that he would have followed Texas his whole life. That just isn't so. In fact, he followed a neighboring team a bit more closely because of a family member at that school. "I don't follow any team in particular. My uncle is a coach at LSU, but nothing more than any other."

Westlake also has a fantastic quarterback that is going to be touted as one of the state's best. Nader had this to say about Nick Foles, "I think that Nick is an excellent quarterback. He is one of the best quarterbacks in the state in my opinion. His first year starting at quarterback was this year and he did an excellent job."

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