"The future looks bright!"

I have said it before, but when I saw Mike Smith at the spring game it looked like he could put on 25 pounds overnight, not know where it went and not lose a step. Well, that might have happened. Smith is an explosive player that off the edge at defensive end could be a young Jay Moore or Adam Carriker. But, his body type brought up another name to my mind and I might have been right

Robert Gallery wasn't an offensive tackle recruit for Iowa when he came in. He was a tall tight end that grew into an award winning, first round draft pick offensive tackle. Mike Smith could be the second coming. Smith isn't playing basketball this fall, but he is getting ready to play baseball. Can you imagine a 6-foot-6 and 245 pound baseball player? Well, he's not 245.

"No I am not playing basketball," Smith said. "I am playing baseball. I'm not 245 either. Actually I am like 260 right now. I don't know where it's going. You can't really tell that I weigh 260. People can't tell it. It was easy getting to 260."

Given the weight and the time that Smith even has before coming to Nebraska and that at Nebraska one has to raise the possibility that he too could be an offensive tackle. "I hope that it doesn't come down to playing offensive line. I hope that I can stay at defensive end, but if it doesn't then so be it."

Smith may be trying to will an impossible feat. He may not be done growing vertically and he is just now filling out. "I want to play next year, like situational like Zach Potter. I know that my body is just maturing. I am probably just about 10 pounds lighter than Potter and maybe an inch shorter. I am still growing a little bit. I am hoping to be 270-275 when I go into camp next summer."

Potter is being told that he is coming to Lincoln as a defensive end recruit. "I am going to Lincoln as a defensive end, but if I get up to 300 pounds then I could easily become an offensive lineman they said. If that is where I am going to get my time at then so be it. I am totally cool with it. I am trying to get faster now, still in that defensive end frame of mind."

A recruit that Smith is very familiar with, and his story, is Josh Freeman. Smith had his own thoughts about Freeman. "I am sure that we will find someone just as good. If that is what he wanted to do then so be it. Good for him. It doesn't really affect me. We have two good quarterbacks that are there right now so I am not even worried about it."

Smith has seen a Nebraska defense that led the nation in sacks end their season on a high note with a win over Michigan. "That was awesome. I didn't think that they had a chance. It was an amazing game. An amazing effort."

Smith has been a commit now to Nebraska since the end of October, but still he has had to turn schools away. "Oregon was trying to come at me late. They said that if I took a visit up there that I might get an offer. I told them that I was already committed."

Mike said that he would be back in the stands again this spring to see the spring game. He admits that he is excited for the future following the win and with the recruiting class that they have coming in. "The future looks bright. It is an exciting time."

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