Paul realizes childhood dream

It's not like having an uncle that is Ahman Green was enough to influence Niles Paul to be a Husker, but he also has a former Husker that he is around every day at school. Omaha (Nebr.) North coach, Clinton Childs, has had the chance to see the process that Niles Paul has gone through up close.

It's already been said that Niles Paul spoke to his uncle, Ahman Green, before pulling the trigger on a commitment to Nebraska. The 6-foot-1 and 190 pound Paul pulled the trigger shortly after the Alamo Bowl victory. Coach Clinton Childs at Omaha (Nebr.) North said that it was just a realization for Paul.

"One of the reasons that he wanted to go ahead commit was just growing up a Nebraska boy, of course," Coach Clinton Childs said. "He said that was one of the biggest things about being around Nebraska football all his life. It was just a childhood dream."

The bowl victory for Nebraska fans and recruits did a lot to improve the perception of the team and the program. You also got to witness what was a key ingredient to the teams that in the '90s that had such great success: heart. Childs believes that Paul saw himself having a chance to come in and be involved early.

"I think that had something to do with it. I also feel that Niles is a very competitive guy. Watching the way that Nebraska closed out their season I think that he thought that he could possibly an immediate impact down there too. I think that was one of the things that he was looking at. I think that he as looking at getting involved and playing right away."

Paul could play a number of positions at Nebraska. He is primarily being looked at to play wide receiver at the next level; not just by Nebraska, but also by the rest of the teams that were recruiting him. Beyond his physical abilities that help him on the field it is another strength of Paul that Childs believes will assist him the most in getting on the field early.

"He is being looked at as a wide receiver. I think that he is physically ready. He has a great frame. He is built like a college athlete right now and he has a whole other year of high school to completely develop in the weight room. Mentally I think that he is there. He is intelligent in the classroom and he picks things up fairly easily."

"One of the biggest things that someone needs in their corner to come in and play early and make an impact is that ability to pick things up and understand things at that level. The ability to come straight out of high school and play in college, physically a lot of players are more able to do that, but when you can pick up things so quickly that is what is going to help you out."

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