Ricky Thenarse: The voice behind the facemask

There has been some drama out of the recent situation behind Ricky Thenarse's alleged commit. While that is important for Husker fans, Ricky looks at this drama as one of the smallest things in his life. You want drama? Grow up in the projects of Los Angeles, where the things we see in film or on TV are what he lives through everyday. in an extended conversation with Ricky, he talked about that life and the fact that he wants to use football to save some more lives, just like it saved his.

Note: Ricky is a very soft-spoken individual, literally. I had to manually amplify every section where he was talking, so I apologize for possible variances in the volume, and in some sections, you might still have to adjust your volume at times. Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

A Candid Q&A with Ricky Thenarse

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