Green returns from USC

It isn't scramble mode for Nebraska since Josh Freeman flipped on his commitment, but Nebraska has identified a quarterback that they would like to come in for an official. Garrett Green is becoming increasingly popular in the last weeks of the recruiting season and just returned from an official to USC. Will he visit Nebraska?

Garrett Green is becoming increasingly popular. The latest team, UCLA, threw their hat into the recruiting sweepstakes just last week. Green, from Sherman Oaks (Calif.) Notre Dame just returned from another local school this weekend.

"I liked it, I liked it a lot," Green said. "It was what I expected. It was a good weekend. That wasn't the first time I have been there. I have been to camp there and I have a friend and a cousin that played on the team. It's a local school so I know a good deal about it."

Before the visit to USC, Green had only traveled to see an Ivy League school on the east coast. This coming weekend Green will stay and visit a local school again, but is still debating on the last weekend between two teams.

"I have only just been to Harvard before USC. I will be going to UCLA next weekend and I think that I will be taking another one the weekend after that, but I am not positive. Looks like Nebraska and Texas A&M are the two teams that I am considering for the last spot."

It's going to come down to whether Green has seen enough after three visits to take another trip or not. While he admits that he would like to see both Texas A&M and Nebraska he has some thinking to do.

"I am not really sure which one I will visit. I don't know. I might not even take it. I would like to see both of those schools. I just need to think about what I have seen so far. There are a lot of variables that go into it. I don't have a leader right now."

Green is rated the No. 22 quarterback by and is a three-star prospect. As a junior Green had 1850 yds passing and 15 touchdowns. He added 900 yards rushing and nine more touchdowns. He is unaware of his senior stats and could only add that he intercepted two passes playing defense and Notre Dame finished 13-0-1.

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