Official not surprising, but still impressive

Being an in-state commit to Nebraska, there probably wasn't much Millard North running back Corey Young was going to learn on his official to NU. That's not the point, of course, because it's not about learning what you don't know, but reaffirming those things you think you do. Young did that and with his rehab ahead of schedule, he's excited about the future of the big red.

Been there, done that. You can call that Corey Young's motto in terms of a lot of things, but he's one of those players that could call his official visit to Nebraska almost anti-climactic. Young did learn something new, though, as he marveled at the additional knowledge he got about the facilities that are scheduled to be finished by the time the next football season starts. "It's unreal," Young said of what the future facilities will be like. "The weight room is huge, but it's just all that other stuff, the locker room – everything. It's going to be something when it's done."

Young will look forward to that time for a lot of reasons, but probably the most significant one for him is that's around the time his rehab is supposed to be done. Coming back from his second ACL injury, this is old hat for the former Mustang, but it doesn't mean he's taking going through this experience again for granted. "I know you can't look ahead, because I have learned that the hard way," he said. "You just take things as they come, don't look too far ahead and whatever happens, happens."

Young isn't looking too far ahead, but he's looking a little ahead, because as a future defensive player, how can you not. With so many stars returning to the "Blackshirts", some potentially great ones coming in and others getting healthy, there's plenty to like about the future. Young sees that, but as he said, he's always seen that and he's happy that he'll get a chance to be part of a group he's grown up admiring. "If you say blackshirt to me, I think of a defense that plays hard and you really don't want to mess with," he said. "I'll be excited to be a part of that, but really, I'm just willing to do whatever I need to do to help the team."

Young will count himself as one of the many to come from Millard North, that would end up helping some team at the Division 1-A level. Just this year and just in his former backfield, he's seen teammates Jeff Tarpanian and Paul Homer commit to Iowa and Washington, respectively. You look back on that backfield now, it makes you think of just how good they were.

But for Young, he sees what they had and he has as something Millard North football players all have inside. "It says to me that we are just really disciplined about what we do," Young said about his feeling of what the general opinion of Millard North football players is right now. "We're dedicated and we'll take on anything."

Young has already taken on plenty and that's even before he's hit the field. From the injuries themselves, which have taken his entire junior season away, along with the chance to play once more for the state title, he has had too numerous of times, chances to have reality hit him in the face.

That reality has give him something a lot of standout athletes at his level don't have, though, and that's the real notion that if you don't live and play for the moment and you think too far ahead, you might not lose out on what it took to get there. "I have had a few opportunities taken away from me, because of the injuries," Corey said. "You learn a lot from stuff like that. You don't take things for granted, but you don't really plan too far ahead, because you don't know how it will end up."

"I think that just makes you a little smarter, but I think it makes you appreciate the times when you are out there competing with everyone else. That's what I am looking forward to – just competing."

Young's plan is on defense at the safety position, where there happens to be a few openings right now. With the graduation of Daniel Bullocks and Blake Tiedtke, there's a help wanted sign on the door. Corey likes the opportunity, of course, but sticking to current mantra, he's not counting anything before it actually happens. "If I can come in and play right away, that's great," Young said. "But if it's on special teams, that's great, too. I don't really care where I am at, just so long as I can help the team."

"Whatever it is, all that matters is that I can help the team."

For Husker fans, the time between when the season is over and when it officially begins again in the fall, that seemingly lasts forever. The long arduous months of waiting, wondering, speculating – thinking about what this team will do next year and who will be the stars of the future. Young has that wait as well, but he won't be waiting for anything as rehab will have his calendar tied up for at least the next five months.

He'll be ready, though, and he would know just what it's going to take back. And he's not even worried about what he's going to be like when he's there. He's just going to be happy he is and do whatever he needs to do to succeed. "I'm ahead of the schedule on the rehab, so that's not really an issue with me," Young said about being ready for the fall. "I'm not worried about being ready at all. I know I will be and I know this team is going to be good. So, it will be exciting to be a part of that, whatever I am doing."

It's funny when you think about kids that come from areas of the country, which aren't known for putting out a lot of Division 1-A kids. You think these are kids that are used to getting their way, pampered, spoiled and having to deal with far less competition than those in the perceived elite prep-regions of the country. Because of that, when they hear about taking on stiff competition for a spot, they might opt for greener and easier pastures elsewhere.

Well, there's something else about Millard North players you might need to know if you don't already and it has to do with the competition they are willing to face. Young will tell you exactly what he feels about having to take on other super prep stars for a spot. "If you don't have to compete for a spot, there's a problem," he said. "It's not worth much if you can just take it."

"That won't make you better and that's what I want to be. You want to compete for everything you get."

Young's competition for the safety spots this up-coming season will more than likely be Andrew Shanle, junior college transfer Ashlee Palmer, providing he is qualified, along with fellow freshmen Anthony West and Ricky Thenarse, providing he officially commits and then, officially qualifies. Other contenders already on the team will be Titus Brothers, Jeff Sounder (if he moves back from LB) and Leon Jackson, if he doesn't stay on the offensive side of the ball.

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