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When some kids are searching for the best gaps in the position they want to play, some others are looking for who they have to beat. There's a difference, you know. One person wants as little competition as possible, while the other thrives on knowing there's some great competition already there. For the latter meet running back William Griffin. You think he's looking at depth charts? He is, but unlike usual, he's looking at who has the kind of players that will make him better in the end.

I have heard it all when it comes to kids trying to rationalize looking at depth charts. They say that they aren't scared of competition, but they seemed to be consumed by it nonetheless. So is Patterson, Louisiana's William Griffin. But not quite the way you think.

"If you want to be the best, you have to be prepared to be the best if you want a chance on the field," Williams said. "You don't run from those types of players. You should want to go against them, because they are going to make you better."

Griffin isn't delusional, some guy thinking that he's much better than he is. Totaling over 2,000 yards last season, along with scoring approximately 30 touchdowns, you'd say his confidence is justified.

Not so much so, though, that William doesn't see where he's going to have to improve and much like his attitude toward college, he's got one toward the level he plays right now. "I can get away with stuff right now that I won't be able to in college," he said. "Right now I can just run anyone over that's in front of me, so that's what I do. But in college, you better have some moves to with that. I have that kind of quickness, but if you haven't needed to do it, you have to pick it up and put it into your game."

As they say in the movies, Griffin's got game. He's got the stats to back it up, but he has the offers to support it as well. Michigan, Nebraska, Arkansas, LSU – they have all offered and schools all over the SEC are taking a very hard look.

Getting down to crunch time, though, Griffin has been looking at just a couple of schools over the last few weeks. "For awhile it's just been Louisiana Tech and Michigan," Griffin said. "But Nebraska has gotten into the mix."

This late in the game it's hard for teams to get in on players they hadn't otherwise recruited all that hard. Griffin said that for him, it was who was doing the talking and where he was from. "Coach Jordan (running back coach Randy Jordan) came down to our all-star game, for those guys in this area that didn't make it to the All-American game in Texas," William said. "He just wanted to see how I was doing, but it go to being about taking a trip up there."

"Nebraska's got the name and they just beat one of the schools I might be going to (Michigan in the Alamo Bowl), so I figured I would check it out."

Griffin has done more than that, William able to talk about the running backs not only at Michigan, but the new school on the block as well. He knew plenty about Hart and Grady with the Maize and Blue, but he knew a little about the back considered to be Nebraska's premier back for this year.

"Marlon Lucky was good coming out of high school, but I know that Nebraska also just lost their starting running back," he said. "You look at Michigan and you never know, I might have to redshirt, who knows. But at Nebraska, you look at that as a real shot to play right away."

Don't get William wrong in thinking that he doesn't have any respect for the Nebraska tailbacks. He definitely does. He simply talked about Michigan's backs, especially Hart and how much playing time they have already had. Compared to that of the Nebraska backs, who have seen limited duty over their freshmen years, Griffin sees the transition as something a little more realistic. "Those guys just didn't get as many reps," he said of Nebraska's current crop of tailbacks. "I look at that and I think that you know what, yeah, they are good, but I'm not too bad either and they don't have a whole lot of experience on me."

Another team to be on the lookout for is Louisiana Tech. You might snicker a bit, stacking them up against the likes of the Wolverines and the Huskers, but there's another factor here that will play a part of where Williams decides to go.

His father is blind.

For the last ten years, suffering from degrading eyesight in one eye, then the other, his life has changed, hence the lives of the family around him has had to change to accommodate needs that weren't there prior to the loss of his sight. And Louisiana Tech has something special in their community that actually fits this situation to a tee. "They have a center there, that helps with people who have lost their eyesight," Williams said. "It's one of the reasons my dad likes that place so much, because they already have a real good idea of what someone like him needs."

"That's nice and it's going to be something I will be looking at with both Nebraska and Michigan."

The Michigan visit, slated to have already taken place, has been pushed back to the 27th of this month. The Nebraska visit has jumped ahead a bit, taking place this weekend. When Griffin thinks of the visits to the two premier programs, he's excited to be sure, but he's got an all-business attitude. "Hey, this is my one chance to see what the coaches are like on their campus, how they get along with their players and how everything around the campus is," William said. "I've got a lot of things I am interested in, so that's my shot to see just where I fit best."

Because signing day follows his last trip by less than a week, Griffin already expects that immediately following the last trip, he should know where he's going to go. He'll have seen what he wants, gotten to know what he thinks is important and scoped out the campus and town to see if it fits him and the needs that could come up in regard to his family.

And he'll look over that depth chart as well, checking out who is there, what grade they are and what they have done on the field. Again, it's not because he's worried. He just wants to know just what he is going to have to do so that his name ends up on top. "You go to play, not sit on the bench," he said. "That kind of competition is going to make you do more and play harder than you ever have before."

"I'm looking forward to that, wherever I go, because that's going to make me better. That's good, too, because I don't want to just be better, I want to be one of the best."

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