Oaks Christian could be #1 in the country

It isn't very often that you see a team go back to back to back champs. It's pretty unheard of. In California there was Concord DeLaSalle, but now there is Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian. Coach Redell has guided his team to a 61-5-1 record the past 6 years and is 39-0 over the past three. They return just about everyone this year and could have three players heralded as the best as their position, nationally.

Marc Tyler is a very special player for Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian. There just haven't been too many players to come through the doors at Oaks Christian, or under any of Head Coach Redell's teams anywhere for that matter, pose themselves to be a four-year starter. Marc can claim that one though.

"He's been a starter for us since he was a freshman, so three years," Coach Redell said. "That isn't typical. I think that in 18 years of coaching I have had maybe two freshman that have been starters for four years."

"Marc's a tailback; a single back. He started as a linebacker as a freshman. We had a kid named Aaron Ware who was a running back that went to UCLA. He was the CIF player of the year. Tyler would play both ways. He is considered one of the top one-two-three running backs in the country by most of the scouting services. He is the most recruited running back in the country. He could start at most major colleges as a linebacker."

Tyler is a big back with great speed for a man his size and comes from great bloodlines. His dad was a ten year NFL veteran and has two Super Bowl rings.

"Marc's about 6-foot-1 and 215 or 220 pounds. He's not like his dad, Wendell Tyler. Wendell played four or five years with the Rams and five with the 49'ers, two Super Bowl rings, one with a quarterback named Joe Montana and played with the Rams, I think that was with Vince Ferragamo when they got beat by the Steelers. His dad was an All-American at UCLA."

"He's not as fast as his dad, but he is bigger, stronger. Remember Russell White? I had Russell White as a head coach and he is better than Russell. Russell was the number one player in the nation. Not quite as fast as Russell. I think that he is about a 10.9 100m as Russell is a 10.5 or 10.6."

"He's got great hands and can catch the ball out of the backfield. I was told by one college coach that they would like to use him like USC did with Reggie Bush."

Beyond Marc, Oaks Christian is just loaded. Marc is maybe third in quantity of offers with about 20 already on his team. The leader in quantity is just about everyone's number one choice for nut just player at his position, but player in the country.

"We have three juniors that are holding offers, Jimmy Clauson probably has 45 offers. I would say that Tyler has 20 offers. Then Marshall Jones has 20 offers too. Marshall is a safety and probably the best safety in the country."

Talk about unbelievable, Coach Redell really put how incredible something like having the top player at three positions. Coach Redell believes that he has as many as eight players that could be division one players this year and at least one other player with a recognizable last name and good bloodlines.

"You know what's unbelievable? I have been doing this a long time and if you have one division one football player at a high school you probably have a pretty good high school team. We probably have three that, if they are not considered the best at their position, are certainly in the top three or four."

"Obviously I haven't seen every high school quarterback, running back and safety, but the guys that have seen them tell me that these guys, if they are not the top, are the top two or three in the country. And then we probably have another five players that are division one players that aren't in the Marc Tyler/Marshall Jones/Jimmy Clauson category, but will still be going division one. We probably have eight players that will be going division one."

"That puts a lot of pressure on the old coach, if we get beat they are going to fire me. And they probably should. Most coaches play it down, but those kids are great. You've heard of Clay Matthews? His son Casey Matthews is a 6-foot-1 or 6-foot-2, 225 or 230 pound linebacker that is a division one linebacker. His dad played 19 years in the NFL and developed late. His son has developed a little late, but he is a division one linebacker."

The run really began 3 years ago for Oaks Christian and it doesn't appear that it will end this year. They return nearly all of their starters from last year's CIF championship squad.

"We were 13-0 last year and CIF champs. The last three years, we have won CIF championships in a row. We return 19 starters for next year. The year before we started those same 19 guys and they were all sophomores and one freshman. This year we started 18 juniors and one sophomore. The one guy that I do lose this year is signing with Stanford. They are really all back."

"The last three years, we were 39-2. The last five years it's been 61-5-1. The school is only six years in existence and I have been there for six years. It's unusual to have that many great players at one high school."

The rumor has it that Nebraska has offered Tyler, but that isn't something that Coach Redell can verify right now. In fact, it might be a little surprising if Nebraska had offered.

"I don't know if Nebraska has offered Marc or not. They might have. Nebraska has not offered anyone from my school to my knowledge. I have not seen Nebraska out here. We only get letters from Nebraska. I haven't seen a scout or a coach from Nebraska. It's surprising. We are only about 35 miles north of Los Angeles."

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